Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight – Dallas

December 29, 2017

One of my absolute favourite things about the Exchange is whole wack of artist run spaces!

Although I live deep in suburbia, I spend most of my time downtown! Whether I’m at school, my partner’s place, a gallery opening, or at work, I’m always around (and almost never in the mysterious outskirts of Winnipeg)! I recently had the opportunity of visiting Floe Edge: Contemporary Art and Collaborations from Nunavut at Urban Shaman Gallery and “At Pelican Falls,” Rebecca Belmore’s new work installed at Platform Gallery.

There’s nothing I find more grounding, inspiring, and challenging than looking at art, especially, when the work you’re experiencing acts as resistance to colonized space and place. The Exchange is home to so many of my favourite creatively fuelled spaces, and now the new  home of Generation Green, I am more than excited to be spending (more) time in one of the best spots of downtown Winnipeg! Can’t wait to chat and interact with all of you planning to visit our brand spanking new shop. I am personally STOKED for our expanding makeup collection, and all that wonderful natural light we’ll be able to try out new shades in!

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