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Winter Makeup Survival Guide

December 30, 2017

Winter…. Like the winter where you’re crying from the wind and then your eyes get frozen shut from the -49 windchill and your skin dries up and cracks off within minutes is tough in many ways. I’ve been noticing that this winter has been particularly bad for my skin. This may be due to the week of extreme cold we’ve been surviving through, but regardless switching over to heavier moisturizers, creamy dreamy foundations, and gentle facial exfoliates can help make this season less sad.

Maintaining a makeup routine that’ll help keep your face happy might be the last thing on your mind… especially if your whole body is flakey ***we can also help with that***. So, below you’ll find a minimal guide to navigating winter skin/makeup. Obviously, replacing the entirety of your skincare routine is farthest from ideal (more waste, more money, more potential for reactions to new green ingredients etc.) So pick one, all, or none! These are my personal favourites, and also the products that have worked best at keeping my winter skin flake-free. As always, my recommendations may not be best suited for your skin/lifestyle/budget BUT do not worry we are here to help! Stop by the shop and tell us a little about the way your skin behaves in winter conditions and we’ll do our best to recommend a locally made skincare goodie for you!

Let’s get into the ~goods~.

First off, let’s talk about natural makeup/moisturizers storage in winter conditions. All of our products are paraben free, therefore, they naturally have a shorter shelf life. This shelf life may be further affected if products are kept in cool conditions. My house is FREEZING always. This has caused excessive separation in a few of my liquid foundations and moisturizers. Try your best to store your liquid-based products in a warm(ish) area and be cautious when travelling/transporting!

#1 Find yourself a thick night-time moisturizer. My favourite is Just the Goods face moisturizer for dry skin! I usually load up my face with this stuff before heading to bed. I find this product to be a little too thick for under-makeup use. But ohhhh does this stuff have a place in a skincare routine.

#2 Exfoliating is super important for keeping your skin flake-free. But I always find really intense exfoliants irritate my skin and make dryness worse. This is why I am soooooo in love with BKIND’s exfoliant, it lightly scrubs away the excess without leaving your face red and raw. I’ve been using this stuff post- face wash pre-moisturizer before bed! Your skin will feel so soft with this stuff!

#3 I am usually the one to always recommend Pure Anada’s pressed mineral foundation. But my skin has not being doing well with it lately! I am attributing it to the dryness of my skin and the way mineral-based products cling to unevenness/accentuate dryness… but I’m over dry foundation (for now anyways). If you’ve also been feeling this way, try out a liquid-based foundation. We have quite a few avalible here in the shop, but I’ve been loving Elate’s full tint foundation. It is whipped and so creamy!!! IT does not stick to dry spots/breakouts like mineral-based foundations may

and it leaves your skin feeling moisturized for the day (is not tears in winter-proof…. however).


If you’re looking for something with a little less coverage, but also something liquid-based/buildable I would recommend Pure Anada’s tinted moisturizer. You don’t need to apply moisturizer before application with this stuff… which is so amazing for lazy days. It will even out your skin while subtly covering up red/dark spots while also keeping your moisturized (flake/cake free all day)!!!

#4 Honestly.. I was about to recommend a toner, but my energy level goes way down in the winter and I like to keep my routine minimal. If this is also you, do not worry! Stick to a good moisturizer, cleanser, and foundation and you will still be looking fab! If you are looking for a toner that will never ever dry out your skin… try using Thayer’s Witch Hazel! Take a cotton pad and gently swipe across your face post-wash! It’ll get excess product off of your face while also, balancing PH levels and leaving your skin smelling oh so clean.





#5 Everything gets so cold and dark and blahhhhh in the coolest months. To liven things up, I always cheer myself up on the coldest days with a bright red lip or a fab dark gloss. We are now stocking a true-red lip by Tin Feather cosmetics! Pair with Pure Anada Polish for a matching look. 


This is a minimal guide!!! Do whats best for you/your skin/lifetsyle/budget! Stay warm out there, folks!


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