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Love Local MB 2018 – Meet the Vendors! I

January 19, 2018

Generation Green, a presenting sponsor of Love Local MB 2018, is excited to bring you a series we’ve titled Love Local MB – Meet the Vendors! This series will preview the vendors, and entrepreneurs of the 5th annual Love Local MB, taking place on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018.

Love Local MB is Manitoba’s Premier Food and Beverage event. This event showcases Manitoba food developers, and allows consumers to meet the makers, sample product, and purchase product.

Tickets are available in-store at Generation Green and online. This event sells out every year, so don’t wait! Start planning your night out!

Love Local MB 2018 -Meet the Vendors! I is excited to present to you Fauxnola, Little Brown Jug, Happy Dance Hummus, Tamarack Farms, and Hollow Reed Holistic.


Fauxnola productEstablished: 2016

By who?: Dav, mama and foodie!

What is Fauxnola?: Creator of ‘raw’ granola blends,  award winning vegetable infused granolas and snack bars.  No refined sugars and vegan

Where can I find Fauxnola?: Stores across the city and soon online

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: All of our current products plus our newest vegetable granola to debut that weekend

Fun Fact: I’m British!

Little Brown Jug

Little Brown Jug growlersEstablished: 2016

By who?: A small, dedicated team committed to the values of honesty, community, and quality.

What is Little Brown Jug?: Craft brewery creating one signature beer – ‘1919’, a Belgian Pale Ale

Where is Little Brown Jug?: Open concept taproom located in the Exchange District at 336 William Avenue

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: ‘1919′ Belgian Pale Ale

Fun Fact: ‘1919’ is named after Brewers Gold, the hop that is used in our beer. This hop was the first commercially available hop in the brewing industry, created in 1919 by crossing a wild Manitoban hop with an English hop. Many of the hops popular in craft brewing are its progeny and it all started here in Manitoba!

Happy Dance Hummus


Happy Dance HummusEstablished: 2015

By who?: Mary MacLean – high school teacher with a love for great hummus, a skill for making it, and a desire to share it with others!

What does Happy Dance Hummus make?: We make delicious hummus! 4 flavours: Garlic Jalapeno, Creamy Dill, Curry Masala, and Chipotle Lime

Where can I get Happy Dance Hummus?: Mostly farmers markets, but we’re taking the retail jump in the next month, and you will find us in some stores and restaurants. Announcements coming soon!

What can I sample at Love Local MB?:  HUMMUS!!!!  All 4 flavours.

Fun Fact: I used to dislike hummus. Now I sell it. Wow!


Tamarack Farms

Tamarack Farms quinoaEstablished: 1970’s by Harvey and Carol Pengelly. Transitioning to organic production and direct marketing since 2014

By who?: Ryan Pengelly  on agricultural and natural resource management, and Alexandra Lozada with a passion for cooking and creating recipes

What is Tamarack Farms?: Small, independent family farm that grows quinoa, other grains, and raises pastured, free-range pigs.

Where can I find Tamarack Farm products?: Generation Green, St. Norbert’s Farmers Market, Organic Planet, Tall Grass Prairie, Chew, Forth, Perfect Pairs, and Scoop and Save

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Quinoa & flax muffin

Fun Fact: We are a Canadian-Peruvian family. Ryan and Alexandra first met in Peru in 2004. Alexandra immigrated to Canada in 2007. We have two children, Tiago and Analucia, and speak spanish in our home.

Hollow Reed Holistic

Hollow Reed Holistic teasEstablished: 2004

By who?: Experts in natural wellness in Winnipeg and abroad – Nancy Hall and Chad Cornell

What does Hollow Reed Holistic create?: Organic and wildcrafted therapeutic and culinary teas, and 100% pure premium essential oils.

Where are Hollow Reed Holistic products?: 3-875 Corydon Ave, Generation Green, Vita Health, and

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Some of our most beloved beverages and essential oils

Fun Fact: Our oils have been locally featured and developed by Nancy Hall in a variety of delicious natural sodas and cocktail alternatives!

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