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Meet the Maker – Joel Miyazawa Fresh Emblem

January 5, 2018

You may already be familiar with Fresh Emblem if you have frequented the many craft shows throughout Winnipeg, or seen them hanging in our shop!  We love them!  (Especially the cute little acorn that we requested Joel make). These are a great alternative for a car or room air freshener, just add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil.

What inspired the creation of Fresh Emblem?

I was learning how to laser wood products about 18 months ago. One custom order that came through, was a sports logo that a friend wanted of his favourite team. I made a small test version so I didn’t waste as much wood. Then once I lasered the bigger logo I gave him the test piece too. I said you could probably string it up and hang it from your rear-view mirror if you wanted. Then that comment sparked the idea of…What if I add a scent to it? It could be a wood car air freshener.

Which design is your personal favourite?   

The design that is my personal favourite is the mandala, because when I was self-teaching myself Adobe Illustrator from YouTube, the mandala was the first design I made every line myself from scratch. I am very proud of that design.

What is unique about Fresh Emblem?

Fresh Emblem is unique, because it combines functionality and art. People want their cars to smell better. Fresh Emblem simply provides that, and a beautiful piece of art for their vehicle.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in development of your business?

Learning how long product development takes. As simple as my product is, a small change or improvement can take a lot longer to do correctly than one would expect.

What is your favourite thing about Manitoba?

My favourite thing about Manitoba is the civic pride Manitobans have for their province. Many of my customers have told me they are giving my product to a family member or relative a little piece of Manitoba, because they love Manitoba or they know someone who really misses Manitoba

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