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Love Local MB 2018 – Meet the Vendors! III

February 2, 2018

Generation Green, a presenting sponsor of Love Local MB 2018, is excited to bring you a series we’ve titled Love Local MB – Meet the Vendors! This series will preview the vendors, and entrepreneurs of the 5th annual Love Local MB, taking place on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018.

Love Local MB 2018 -Meet the Vendors! III is excited to present to you Farmery, The Stak Co, Bee Boyzz Honey, Dr. Beetroot, and Boreal Wildcraft.




Established: 2012

By who?: Chris and Lawrence Warwaruk, we’re farmers & brewers!

What is Farmery?: We’re an estate Brewery specializing in craft beer made with homegrown ingredients. We also have a line of flour mixes and hop-oil infused soaps.

Where can I find Farmery products?: Our brewery is located in Neepawa, MB. We distribute our product all over Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: We’ll be sampling all of our beer varieties, and also our flour mixes will be available.

Fun Fact: We grew up in Erickson with a family of 7 siblings.



The Stak Co

The Stak Co productEstablished: September 2016

By who?: Suzan Stupack

What does The Stak Co make?: Packaged fresh locally grown pulses without the use of preservatives, or additives.

Where can I find The Stak Co?: Local farmers markets

What can I sample at Love Local MB?:  People’s choice winner at Harvest at The Hill – Northern Classic Chili

Fun Fact: We host the fiesta, while  you take a siesta! Vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and low in sodium.

Bee Boyzz Honey

Bee Boyzz HoneyEstablished: 2014

By who?: Julie and Kon Paseschnikoff. Kon and our 2 boys run the bees and our daughter Katie and I sell the honey.

What is Bee Boyzz honey?: A Manitoba honey company. We make natural flavoured extract honey varieties, as well as plain creamed and liquid honey.

Where can I find Bee Boyzz honey?: Downtown Biz Farmers Market, SNFM, Miller’s Meats, Mighty Meats, Perfect Pair Oil & Vinegar, and Forks Trading Co.

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Our sweet flavoured honey varieties!

Fun Fact: Flavour extract honey varieties are not just for toasts and bagels, they are also great in many tea varieties and meat dishes!


Dr. Beetroot


Dr. BeetrootEstablished: July 2010

By who?: Anandakumar (Anan) Palanichamy – a registered food processing engineer in Manitoba

What does Dr. Beetroot do?: Specialty natural food products made of red beets – ketchup, sauce, juice, spread, bread, borscht, and chips

Where can I find Dr. Beetroot products?: Red River Coop stores, Nutrition Puls Pembina, De Lucas, Prairie Box, and Tenderloin Meats.

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Beet ketchup, beet sauce, beet spread, beet powder, beet chips, beet juice drink

Fun Fact: Dr. Beetroot’s mission is to beetrootify food habits and bring out as many beet products as possible.



Boreal Wildcraft

Boreal WildcraftEstablished: 2014

By who?: Bob Krul – founder and developer of Brewt* and Wall* Tea Infusers

What is Boreal Wildcraft?: Specialty supplier to the Canadian tea industry working with Canadian foragers, packagers, and retailers interested in Canadian herbs, berries, and bark blends.

Where can I find Boreal Wildcraft products?: Fools & Horses. 529 Wellington Steakhouse, Cornelia Bean, Saucers Cafe, Thermea Spa, Looks Spa, Mountain Bean, Other Brother Roastery, and many more!

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Canadian Herbal Tea Blends using local berries, called Wild Berry Blue and True North Strong.

Fun Fact: 97% of all tea enjoyed in Canada is imported. Majority of Boreal Wildcraft Tea is Canadian

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