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Love Local MB 2018 – Meet the Vendors! IV

February 9, 2018

Generation Green, a presenting sponsor of Love Local MB 2018, is excited to bring you a series we’ve titled Love Local MB – Meet the Vendors! This series will preview the vendors, and entrepreneurs of the 5th annual Love Local MB, taking place on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018.

Love Local MB 2018 -Meet the Vendors! IV is excited to present to you Gold Bone, Perfect Pierogies, Cooks Creek Kimchi, Manitoba Harvest, and the Canadian Birch Syrup Company.

Gold Bone bone broth

Gold Bone bone brothEstablished: 2016

By who?: Mike Germaniuk and Faye Armstrong

What is Gold Bone?: Bone broth with locally-sourced, all natural ingredients

Where can I find Gold Bone?: Various farmers markets, and scheduled pick-ups

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Flagship bison bone broth

Fun Fact: We also call bone broth drinkable botox, because it is full of skin-beautifying collagen!

Perfect Pierogies

Perfect PierogiesEstablished: 2007

By who?: James Aitkenhead – CEO

What is Perfect Pierogies?: Traditional home-style perogy manufacturer

Where can I find Perfect Pierogies?: Throughout Manitoba and Winnipeg – Sobeys, Save-on foods, Red River Co-op, and more.

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: 5 flavours of perogies – potato and cheddar, cottage cheese, sauerkraut, feta cheese and spinach, spicy chili pepper.

Fun Fact: Glendon, Alberta is home to a 6000 pound perogy, which stands 25 feet tall and 20 feet around. It was built in 1991 and still stands sturdy today!

Cooks Creek Kimchi

Cooks Creek KimchiEstablished: January 2017

By who?: Robert Marusyk – the founder and producer. Viktor Maruskyk – producer and tech specialist

What does Cooks Creek Kimchi make?: Kimchi

Where is Cooks Creek Kimchi located?: Cooks Creek, Manitoba

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Our traditional, Korean style kimchi

Fun Fact: Kimchi is a fermented food. It is ranked as one of the world’s top ten super foods due to its extremely high content of both probiotics and prebiotics.

Manitoba Harvest

Manitoba HarvestEstablished: 1998 – Celebrating our 20th anniversary

By who?:  At Manitoba Harvest, we partner with over 100 Canadian Farmers and employ over 130 Canadians

What is Manitoba Harvest?: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods is the world’s largest hemp foods manufacturer to grow, make, and sell our own line of hemp food products

Where can I find Manitoba Harvest?: Your local grocery store, health food store, and online at

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Toasted Hemp Seeds and Hemp Hearts

Fun Fact: Among thousands of manufacturing facilities across Canada, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods is 1 of 5 to achieve the highest rating among food safety & quality certifications.

Canadian Birch Company

The Canadian Birch CompanyEstablished: March 2012

By who? Rory and Glenda Hart – Crafters of fine birch syrup

What is The Canadian Birch Company?: We make gourmet quality pure birch syrup and birch specialty products such as Birch Bacon Jam, Birch Whiskey Toffee Sauce and Birch BBQ Sauce

Where can I find Canadian Birch Company products?: We have an online store on our website.  We sell at Red River Co-op, Generation Green, Kenaston Wine Market, The Boutique at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights and many more

What can I sample at Love Local MB 2018?:  We always have all of our products available for sampling along with a special delectable highlighting one of our products.  Which one will it be this year? You have to come to find out!

Fun Fact: Did you know that it takes 140 litres of sap to make 1 litre of Birch Syrup – 3.5 times that of Maple?

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