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Love Local MB 2018 – Meet the Vendors VI

February 23, 2018

Generation Green, a presenting sponsor of Love Local MB 2018, is excited to bring you a series we’ve titled Love Local MB – Meet the Vendors! This series will preview the vendors, and entrepreneurs of the 5th annual Love Local MB, taking place on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018.

Love Local MB 2018 -Meet the Vendors! VI is excited to present to you Rasa Holistic, Decadence Chocolates, Freefield Organics, Wolseley Kombucha, and Jackson Springs.

Established: 2014

By who?: Kalee Mund & Tomah Axford, an Ayurvedic based family.

What does Rasa Holistic do?: A Winnipeg based company that uses the wisdom of Ayurveda to inspire others in the kitchen with our ghee, spice & herb blends.

Where can I find Rasa Holistic products?: Generation Green, Hollow Reed Holistic, Via Natural Medicine, Forth, Springfield Wellness

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Our digestive chew, ghee & various ghee infusions. Like our new garlic, reishi, & hing infusion!

Fun Fact: Kalee grew up raising and showing horses on a farm in small-town Saskatchewan and hopes to one day return to a farm so her family can enjoy farm life as much as she does.

Established: 2009

By who?:  Helen Staines, chocolatier. I specialize in designing all the chocolates and recipes.

What is Decadence Chocolates?: Artisan chocolatier making small batch chocolates using only fresh & natural products

Where is Decadence Chocolates?: 70 Sherbrook Street

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Chocolate, of course.

Fun Fact: I spent 4 years cruising the world and love the ocean but chose to live in a city thousands miles away from the ocean.

Established: 2008

By who?:  Franz & Erna Kracher, Organic family farm. Specializing in cold pressed organic Camelina oil

What is Freefield Organics?: Organic on-farm food processor, organic camelina oil

Where is Freefield Organics sold?: Generation Green, DeLucas, My Farmers Market, Local Meat & Frozen Treats, Scoop & Save, Tall Grass Bakery, La Grotta, Organic Planet, Miller’s Super Value Meat, Food Fare, Family Foods, and many others in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Organic Camelina Oil

Fun Fact: Eating organic isn’t a trend. It is a return to tradition.

Established: 2016

By who?:  Michelle. Taught how to brew by my mother in law and it was love at first brew! I was hooked.

What is Wolseley Kombucha?: The first local kombucha company in Manitoba, making fermented tea full of organic acids, and beneficial bacteria!

Where is Wolseley Kombucha?: We currently brew in a beautiful shared commercial kitchen in the Exchange District. We offer Kombucha by the glass, growler, howler or “grab ‘n go” bottles in a variety of seasonal flavors. We do markets, pop ups and festivals!

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: 2 of our seasonal flavours on tap

Fun Fact: Our head brewer & owner, Michelle is a certified imaging technologist!

Established: 2004

What is Jackson Springs Water: Jackson Springs Water provides a naturally premium 100% natural Canadian spring water with an alkaline pH of 8.1 and a rich mineral profile. It’s sourced from a private natural aquifer secluded in the heart of three protected provincial forests in Manitoba, Canada. Jackson Springs Water offers home and office water delivery in Winnipeg, Manitoba and other surrounding communities.

Where is Jackson Springs Water based?: 1-885 Keewatin Street

What do I get to sample at Love Local MB 2018?: Visitors will be able to taste the award winning taste of Jackson Springs Water for themselves.

Fun Fact: The private aquifer is ruminants of the last ice age and over 13,000 years old. Jackson Springs Water was awarded the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting gold medal for “Best Tasting Water in the World.”

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