Meet The Maker

Meet the Maker – Milena Lye of Just the Goods

February 27, 2018

Just The Goods was one of the very first lines we added to the shelves at Generation Green, and five years later, they are still a top favorite!  Working with this maker has always been wonderfully refreshing! Milena has always been transparent with the ingredients she uses and it’s wonderful knowing she would never compromise the integrity of her line.  Read on to know more…

What inspired the creation of Just The Goods?
Just the Goods was borne of necessity — I couldn’t afford the safer, plant based skincare products I needed, so I started to make my own. My friends loved what I was doing and enthusiastically encouraged me to offer them for sale. So, when I decided to make that transition — from hobby to occupation — I kept in mind the things that concerned me most: essential ingredients without filler or gimmicks, and that translated to straight forward, low-overhead packaging choices, as well. And, almost 9 years later, Just the Goods remains “just the goods” without anything superfluous.

What product is your must-have or personal favourite?
For the longest time I would say my toner for oily/combination skin, but now my facial steam for oily/congested skin and facial mask for oily/congested skin are central to my weekly skin care ritual. I had the idea of these formulas in mind for so long, and really wish I’d made them sooner, ha ha!

What is unique about Just The Goods?
Just the Goods offers a somewhat rare intersection of qualities. The line has received Champion status from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and a growing number of products are EWG VERIFIED through a safe cosmetics program operated by Environmental Working Group. The entire line is vegan and certified cruelty free by the Leaping Bunny program, and it is also explicitly plant and mineral based (i.e. no synthetics of any kind, including artificial fragrances and/or colours, many of which are made from petrochemicals). Just the Goods is also gender neutral/non-binary, so it defies categorization as “beauty products” welcomes everyone interested in self-care.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the development of your business?
Just the Goods was never designed to grow, and I wanted to keep product prices as low as possible, so I insisted on doing everything myself for many, many years. However, I was caught by surprise when sales consistently outpaced my capacity as a handmaker, so I finally figured out how to welcome another person into Just the Goods’ lab and it has made a world of difference. I still have a number of infrastructure ideas in mind to make our work easier, but so far, so good!

What is your favourite thing about Manitoba?
I moved to Winnipeg from Toronto specifically because of Manitoba’s remarkable concentration of artists per capita and, a decade later, I’m still head over heels about all the music, theatre, film, and dance generated here. It’s an incredible, unparalleled community of creators here and I love it!

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