Vegan Acorn Cafe (menu update!)

February 22, 2018


This post is from 2018!

Please check out our Acorn Cafe page for the most up to date information!



We have had so many folks asking & patiently waiting for our Acorn Cafe menu to unfold… so here’s an update!

If you follow Generation Green, then you know our focus will be on creating a menu that is inline with living a sustainable, healthy life.  We wanted to take our time creating the menu to ensure everything was being done with intention, and to create a solid foundation.

We began with a focus on our drink menu. We began with fair trade organic coffee and teas. Shortly followed by wellness lattes and adaptogens. Coffee and espresso is locally roasted by DeLuca’s. We loved touring the DeLuca’s facility to see the quality control first hand, and to see the passion this family-run business has for their coffee. Our herbals teas are from Hollow Reed Holistic. We’ve always had a wonderful relationship with Hollow Reed Holistic, and appreciate how much we learn from them. We’re excited to pass on what we can to our customers. Our black and green tea is from Amsterdam Tea Room. Amsterdam Tea Room is our new neighbour in The Exchange and we have long been an admirer of the quality teas they offer. And of course we love to make connections with more local businesses!

Our next focus is on the enhance menu. Our wellness lattes have been so fun to create and share! We LOVE all the wonderful feedback and photos that customers have shared on social media.  We currently offer a ginger beetroot latte, a tumeric latte, green tea matcha, cacao matcha, activated charcoal vanilla latte, and chaga chai latte.  You can also add adaptogens to any beverage. Our adaptogens include chaga, reishi, cordyceps, and pine pollen.  We just recently began serving a couple nutritious smoothies. The first being called green glow, and our most recent smoothie is a beautiful bright blue called Blue Majik. Only flavoured and coloured naturally, of course, with E3 Live‘s Blue Majik.

Our nourishing food menu began with some basics, such as coconut yogurt parfait. Our house parfait is made with a chia berry sauce, and local Fortify granola. We’ve also been serving Tall Grass Prairie‘s vegan Morning Glory muffin, and a wide variety of vegan baked goods. With a selection of them being gluten free, nut-free, and/or refined sugar free. (Ask us in-store!) Our baked goods are made locally, and supplied by Nosh On This and Sweet Impressions.  Next on our menu, was a long time favourite local product – Happy Dance Hummus. We serve this delicious, local hummus in a veggie snack pack, or a lunch pack. Watch for Happy Dance Hummus to soon be available for retail in-store! We also now have steady soup and salad service, made by our cook! That are all, of course, nutritious and delicious! Our salad menu will be interchanging, but include chickpea salad, quinoa salad, and bean salad. We just brought in samosas from Charisma of India that will be available steadily. And there is still more to come, such as summer rolls with peanut sauce!

We are experimenting with offering a hot lunch feature that will rotate once a week, and includes dishes such as potatoes, quinoa pastas, and tofu scramble! We thought this would be great for anyone in the area, as a quick, filling, and yummy lunch! Aside from this, we will have a different feature dish every day. A little sneak peak – Fridays will officially be perogy day!

Lastly, and most excitingly, we are thrilled to announce that this month we will have the most fabulous vegan cheese maker working with us! Maybe you have heard of her…(Céline Land Vegan Fromagerie & Seitan). I’m personally so excited about this because I’ve always been a huge cheese lover, but cheese has never loved me. I’m also not a huge fan of some of the cheese alternatives – but Celine has changed that for me! All I can say is I’m officially converted! You will be amazed at this artisan’s creations! We will first have a few of her products on the menu – vegan sour cream for perogy Fridays, feta cheese for Greek salad, and vegan grilled cheese! My comfort food! We have lots of plans and ideas for Celine’s cheeses, and eventually we will offer her products for retail! How exciting is that!!!

We appreciate your patience with this new venture of ours, and also for all the support!  As always, we value your feedback and suggestions, so stop by soon for a warm beverage and a chat!


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