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Meet the Maker – Tyler Ibrahim of The Local Frequency

April 3, 2018

What inspired the creation of The Local Frequency?

What we’re building is a complementary currency that’s designed to promote the recirculation of value locally amongst a group of local independent businesses which drives economic development.  Local economies are important, so we’re building something to help facilitate that as much as we can.

 If you had to choose one best part about the program/business, what would it be?

Working with awesome people. Our team is great. The businesses we work with are great. Their staff are great. People who give us feedback are great. We love working to improve the program.

What is something that some people might not know or understand about The Local Frequency, that you wish everyone did know?

Loading up in the app and paying with Local Dollars is benefitting both you and the business. We’re innovating at the currency level. That’s what makes this program unique. Local Dollars are designed specifically for local businesses, which gives both you and business better value.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the development of your program/business?

Figuring out the right features. We made sure to start small and iterate in short loops to improve the program. This feedback based approach means we always have businesses and consumers in mind as we continue to grow.

What is your favourite thing about Manitoba?

How supportive we are of one another.

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