No Dairy?!

Generation Green opened up Acorn Cafe in January of 2018! We couldn’t be more thrilled about having our own in-store cafe where we can indulge in healthy lunches and indulgent treats! Generation Green focuses on how we can treat our bodies the most kindly by what kind of products we use. Acorn Cafe felt like the next step, to focus on what we put in our bodies.

In search for health-conscious body products, we can’t help but realize that we must be eco-conscious as well. So, naturally Generation Green became an environmentally conscious “green” store! To be truly environmentally friendly, the environmental impact of animal agriculture has to be recognized. It’s easy to pretend that the meat, dairy, egg, and honey industries don’t take a toll on the planet or that the toll is worth it – but it’s not. We recommend “Cowspiracy” on Netflix to learn more about how this truth is hard to discover!

That being said, Acorn Cafe has been committed to veganism from its opening day! This catches some of our patrons off-guard, as a large part of our menu are drinks that are typically made with dairy. We are proud and confident of our decision not to offer dairy at our cafe and there are so many reasons why!

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No Dairy?! – Health

No Dairy?! – Environment

No Dairy?! – Ethics

No Dairy?! – Alternatives


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