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Greens, Greens, & More Greens!

August 1, 2018

We are now  introducing locally grown microgreens from 3 Guys Green onto our Acorn Cafe menu and for CSA pick up every Friday!

Microgreens will bump up the nutrients in our yummy Happy Dance hummus wraps and in our new vegan cream cheese bagels – and basically anywhere else we can splash in more greens!

3 Guys Green are producing microgreens year round right here in Manitoba with the amazing technology offered by Vertical Farming and hydroponics. Also, growing this way means no nasties! No spray or chemicals, no fertilizers are even needed!

We want to spread word about the crazy amount of nutrition that every bite of microgreens offer (up to 40x the amount of vital nutrients compared to full grown veggies) – not to mention the flavour!!! These microgreens definitely up the ante on how many nutrients can be absorbed in the quest for optimal health.  You may even find yourself reaching for them to snack on, as they really are that delicious!

We easily decided to become a CSA (community supported agriculture) pickup location so more folks can have access to these little health wonders.  You  can simply order your 10″ x 10″ living tray(s) from the 3 Guys Green website and then pick them up every Friday at Generation Green!  Have questions? Ask us in store or check out their FAQ page here.


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