Cannabis 101 Workshop – October 29th 7-8:30PM

October 20, 2018

Generation Green is hosting a FREE info session with Shielded Prairie Holistics on Monday, October 29th from 7-8:30 pm

Cannabis 101 workshop:

Come learn about cannabis and its modern role in today’s society as we discuss the ACMPR medical program, recreational laws both provincially and federally, as well as basic plant anatomy, and consumption methods to help you make educated decisions and navigate the industry safely.


Mike Mailman, Master Gardener, Mailman Pharms, V.P. Garden’s MB

Mike’s experience with plants started underground, which gave him a long standing desire to come above ground and grow without being under lock and key. After 16 years of experience with the Cannabis plant, he is strongly rooted in the discussion and advocation for both Medical and Recreational use, and believes that the Medical and Adult Use of Cannabis can strengthen the bond between plants and people. Mike hopes to play a pivotal role in this reconnection process through educating as many people as possible about Cannabis.

Ryan Maione, Pastry Chef/Educator

As an educator, Ryan understands the vital role that knowledge can play in someone’s decision making process. From a young age he witnessed peers around him using and abusing substances because they were unregulated and not given proper education on what they were consuming. When he found medical application for Cannabis in his own life, he started educating himself and his peers on safe consumption and advocating for the plants legalization. He has worked for a number of years developing safe methods and standardized practices of edible consumption and production and wants to play a vital role in educating others about safe consumption and understanding how what they put in their bodies can affect their overall health.

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