November Vegan Cheese Feature

November 9, 2018

Our in store cheesemaker, Vegan Fromagerie has made November’s feature cheese “Jazzed Up Mozzarella”. A smooth mozza base with sweet basil, oregano, fresh garlic, black pepper and a pinch of heat from red pepper flakes!  Melts easily, but I personally love it sliced up cold!

If you had tried one of our mini vegan charcuterie boards at Acorn Cafe back when Jazzfest was on, then you know it’s one of those perfect entertaining cheeses!  And when I say entertaining, I also mean creating little treat side plates for those Netflix movie nights, or weekend crackers and cheese lunches! Entertaining yourself is also important right??

We have simplified the pre-ordering process with our new online store and if you use the discount code NOWOPEN15 at checkout you can save 15% off your order.  This is only for a limited time so it’s the perfect time to try out one of the many vegan cheese options on the site including feta, cheese sauce, cream cheese, sour cream & hard cheese.

All orders must be in by Friday (that’s today!!) at 6:30 and then the cheese is made over the weekend and ready for you to pick up on Monday. Click here to place your order!

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