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Wolseley Kombucha Workshop – January 27th

December 10, 2018

Come learn more at our 2nd workshop with Michelle, aka booch extraordinaire and maker of Wolseley Kombucha that will be held on Sunday, January 27th from 1-3pm at Generation Green.

Many of you have noticed & appreciated we have Wolseley Kombucha on tap at Generation Green, and with so many people knowing of the benefits, many bottles are being refilled everyday! Why?  Well, one it tastes amazing and two, it’s just so darn good for gut health!  

There is limited seating in these workshops in order to allow for questions, answers, ideas & solutions!

Of course there will be lots of bubbles, sippin and laughs!  But you will also get this:

  • Basic kombucha brewing terms and definitions
  • Equipment required for a new homebrewer
  • Basic 1 gallon recipe and method
  • Tips and myths
  • Signs of a healthy brew
  • Bottling, flavouring & 2nd fermentation
  • Kombucha tasting
  • Time for questions

Included in the workshop:

  • Knowledge to brew a batch at home
  • Kombucha workbook
  • Starter tea & culture
  • Kombucha tasting

You will leave with a basic understanding on how to brew a 1 gallon batch at home!  Register easily by clicking here!

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