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The Real Life Challenge!

February 28, 2019

We have a serious March challenge for you!!!

After having sooo much fun with our February self-care challenge, we just can’t stop!

On one of our Wildflower Project podcast talks, we were talking about the love/hate relationship that we (and many others) have with social media.  The love part is that there are so many positive people trying to spread awareness, offer support and encouragement.  It’s also great for planning events, workshops & get-together’s.  But the hate part is definitely how sucked in and reliant for validation we can get, and how we can compare lives and create ideas around what is right and wrong.

We all know the power of social media and we see that most of it is us all putting out those “perfect appearing” or “our very best” lives. As much as we may know that those images are not the whole story, we end up comparing our lives, comparing ourselves and even others, then telling ourselves we need to do better, or that we’re not good enough, or maybe we are left feeling resentful, envious and sad that we don’t have a life like that, or look like that.

This challenge is all about showing your real life! 


Your messy perhaps, not so perfect filtered images.  The first take selfie, the sink full of dishes, the sweaty workout pic and the chance to send a powerful message to the social media world that what we are doing, not doing, look like, don’t look like is PERFECTLY OK!!!

One of my Wildflower Project co-host’s, Pam is pictured and kicking things off by showing us her sweaty, grumpy, cranky, look!  (Thank’s Pam!!)

We do hope your up for this challenge and you see the importance of spreading this message!
For the month of March when you post on your social media your “real life images”, tag Wildflowerprojectwpg in the pic and then use the hashtag #reallifewpg and you will be entered into our random weekly prize draw (prizes are all relevant to Winnipeg so you must be in the city to pick up and use). 

Please note, we are not judging the best or worst real life it is simply a ballot entry you receive by participating.

So now go forth & share your real life and encourage others to do the same by reposting this challenge!

**This challenge is in no way endorsed or supported by Instagram or Facebook

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