“Workshop Wednesdays”

Well it’s hard to believe it, but summer days have almost passed and we now get to look forward to leaves changing colors, fall harvests, Halloween and of course “Workshop Wednesdays”!!!

JTG WorkshopWe are kicking off our Fall/Winter Workshops with “Skin Type & Home Spa Facials”.

Milena from Just The Goods will be the instructor for this workshop on Wednesday, October 1st 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.  Workshop Fee: $15.00 per person.

This is a hands on workshop, where you will make your own custom facial to take home and enjoy!  Milena will help you understand and determine your skin type, as well as what ingredients will be most beneficial for your skin.

For those that register & attend the workshop, you will also receive a 15% Discount on all Just The Goods products that evening.

To register call Generation Green at 204-808-9848, email generationgreenwpg@gmail.com or stop by the store.

**Limited Seating, register early!


We’re here for you…


This is an article Amy wrote before her passing that she was meaning to post here. She was always so insightful and wise beyond her years! Please enjoy her last article.amy blog

One of the best parts of my job at Generation Green is talking to customers about healthy living. I love seeing the diverse range of folks we get in here, and how passionate and committed people are to truly changing their lives.

The main reasons for change that I hear is because of a health scare, or health problem. Many people are educating themselves more and more about alternative causes for illness, and realizing that it is often something they can take back and control themselves. At Generation Green, we can all relate. All three of us have had our share of health concerns whether they’re food related, lifestyle related, or beyond our control. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we are truly honoured that you all open up to us in such a personal way and share your stories. That’s the reason we all get up and go to work.

Disease and Illness suck, to put it mildly, and with this month being Cancer awareness month I think it’s important to note this. It’s extremely challenging being ill, but can be more challenging when we feel we don’t have someone who can relate to us. We can offer you a lot at Generation Green, food to makeover your lifestyle, products that don’t add chemical nastiness to your life, but most importantly we can offer support. Someone to vent to, a shoulder to lean on, and advice from people who struggle daily just like you.

Last year I was diagnosed with a chronic pain disease and just having someone to talk to about the daily struggle is a blessing. Being told that pain is just something I’d have to get used to, or being prescribed pills that made me more exhausted, and foggy, than I already was, was and is something I will not accept. Some days, even months, are so much harder than others and I can barely find the effort to get up and do my daily tasks, and to be honest, sometimes I don’t. But on days where my pain doesn’t get the better of me (and these are becoming fewer, I’m proud to say) I have found tricks that help.

Overhauling my diet was the first source of relief. With advice from my naturopath I did a six-week elimination diet, and I’ve been hooked on doing detoxes since. Now don’t get me wrong, I hate them while I’m doing it, but I feel so much better afterwards. I also learned to listen to my body, and that the things you crave most are usually what your body can’t tolerate (very interesting). I try to do a weekly juice cleanse (just one day) to give my body a break.

Probably the biggest improvement for me is exercise. I had always been active throughout my life, but when my illness started it was the first thing to go. I was in constant pain, why on earth would I want to add to that by going to the gym? Silly me. I thought it would make me feel worse, but thanks to my lack of a car, and love of biking and walking (and some internet research) I soon realized that my pain got a little better, sometimes even disappeared entirely. I soon started connecting the dots. On days where I stayed home and didn’t get out, I would feel awful. But often times if I went for a walk, or a bike ride, I had temporary relief. It also distracts from the pain, and I get to appreciate what my body can accomplish, as oppose to limitations I so often focus on.

I’m still a work in progress, as we all are, but if any of you need the help or motivation with an illness, a lifestyle change, or even just a workout buddy, stop by the store and chat with one of us.  ~Amy




Some of you may have noticed that our lovely staff member Jennifer is expecting!

We are all very excited for the arrival of this little bundle, who is expected to make a grand entrance in mid October.

We will miss Jennifer terribly as she has been such an important part of Generation Green since day one, but are also anxious for baby visits that are sure to include lot’s of cuddles & kisses, and of course for Jenn and Andre to enjoy this wonderful time in their lives.

Although Jenn’s family is about to grow, we also know that Jenn is a part of our little family here, and that will never change!


Sampling Sunday – June 1st, 2014

Two sampling pleasures for you today from Noon to 3:00PM

UnknownFirst, made in Manitoba Tasty Tidbits Gourmet Seasonings –  A delicious line of seasonings that can be used for dips, cheese ball mixes, bbq rubs, marinades, potato toppers & so much more!

Tasty Tidbits prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients, and what I also love is that they are made without MSG  or preservatives and contain no salt/sugar/additives/preservatives/msg.



Unknown-3Next, from Saskatchewan we have Santa Fe Food Company – Santa Fe has a unique line of sauces made from Carmine Jewel Cherries! There are 3 sauces, Chertney, Chelish & a BBQ Sauce.

Believe me when I say, once you try them you will love them!  Also, they contain no salt, no artificial preservatives or colour…sweet!

Sampling Sunday – May 25th, 2014

Our line up for Sampling Sunday…

1531822_617129505046196_1310649921233918724_nInside at Generation Green from 1-4 PM, we have Gold Winner in the Great Manitoba Food Fight,  food developer Jill Tanner offering samples of her ridiculously amazing Jamore!



Outside at The Forks Farmers Market, which runs from 11-4 PM, we will be offering samples of her equally delicious, Thrive Vegan Bars.526159_288974047861745_2141582514_n

Both of these products have no refined sugar, no preservatives, they taste amazing and best of all, they’re made in Manitoba!


photo by: Shannon VanRaes
photo by: Shannon VanRaes

Meet Dallas!

We want to introduce you to Dallas, the newest addition to our team! Dallas brings not only a lovely smile, but an easy going nature that compliments and rounds out our team.  Here’s a little more info about Dallas.


Dallas was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Living in a thriving arts community Dallas was able to become involved in theatre, piano and other musical activities.

For as long as she can remember, photography was always a passion of hers. “I love being able to express my opinions and emotions through a still image.” Music is also a large part of her life, she enjoys listening to and playing jazz, alternative and classical music.

At the age of 12, Dallas became aware of the concerns resulting from non fair trade products. By the age of 16 she began to promote and speak up for supporting fair trade. Soon after, Dallas became aware of the frightening reality regarding the general well-being of animals. Though previously vegetarian, Dallas recently began to follow a vegan diet in hopes of supporting the ethical treatment of all animals.

Dallas is planning to study human rights at the University of Manitoba, to further her knowledge on the topic in hopes of making a difference. Along with this, she hopes to spread awareness of environmental, animal and human rights issues through photography.

Dallas strongly believes in using organic, fair trade and natural products and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of Generation Green, a store that also supports these ideas.

Winners of our Mothers Day Contest are….


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My Mom’s birthday is May 2nd the day this contest closes, so firstly what a nice surprise that would be to win on her birthday. My Mom is awesome.
My Mom is the anchor that keeps our family grounded. Her creativity and giving spirit always inspired me growing up and helped shape the woman I am today. She fostered in me a spirit of volunteerism and to taught me to share my gifts with others and to see and appreciate the beauty in nature.
My Mom is always there’s to listen and really taught me to see the good in others and that everyone has something to contribute. The most important thing she taught me is that the most important things in life are not things but the relationships you build and nurture.
My Mom always puts others first and to pamper her would be a special treat that I would love to share with her. My Mom really is my heart.

Pam Pullen & Daughter Stephanie ***

In my daughter’s eyes I can see the reflection of who I am. Stephanie is caring, kind, funny, hard working, sensitive, smart and a great Mom.
We talk all the time and still cry when we see those M&M’s candy commercials. I have so many happy memories when she was growing up. The outside water fights that ended in the house, the great April fools jokes, taping of the sprayer on the kitchen sink. the surprise raw egg or plastic spiders drop from the ice maker. My surprise breakfast in bed of banana and jam sandwich. Every time I make French toast I remember the first time mixing the eggs and lifting the fork saying it looks like snot. We still have a little snicker.
She has such a big heart, raising two orphan squirrels she found, and rehabilitated them back into the wildlife.
We camp together and she is the official leach and tick remover, still to date.
Now she’s grown and raising a family of her own. I see she is teaching my grand kids with the same values we taught her. To love life, laugh lots and be yourself. Enjoy everyday. I was so blessed to be at the birth of her children. My grand kids.
She started off nestled under my heart, and she will always be there.
When I’m gone she’ll know how happy she makes me and I’ll always be in my daughters eyes.

Michelle H & Mother ***

My mom is the best for many reasons:

– she’s a single parent who is very loving and caring; always going that extra mile to help my brother, sister and I out with various aspects of our lives (everything from helping type up school projects on a typewriter back in elementary school, to encouraging me to achieve my goal of becoming a Biologist)

– even though our budget was tight, she promised and eventually took me to Disneyland – surprising me when I was 18 years old with a suitcase at my bedroom door (meeting Mickey Mouse with her was truly priceless)

– although she’s an accountant, she raised tropical fish as a hobby with me growing up (I went on to complete my degree in Biology). We bred freshwater fish and even had 14 aquariums in our basement – all because I wanted to save the baby fish that were being born

– she’s a great role model and always taught me to be polite, work hard and give back to the community. She also taught me the importance of helping others in need and having a positive attitude in life. She even helped me nurse some baby birds back to health – ones that were injured were often brought by neighbours to our house, as I was known as the ‘neighbourhood bird whisperer’.

Thanks so much for this opportunity to win. We really appreciate it!


Congratulations to you all! We will send you the details by email but you have all won a professional, toxic-free makeover with Kristen from Pure Anada Cosmetics, Mini Manicures with Pure Anada’s new line of  Nail Polishes, Gift Bags with green goodies from Generation Green, Pure Anada, Gift certificates from The Forks Market & more!  We can’t wait to pamper you & help you celebrate the wonderful bond of mother & daughter.

Sampling – Saturday, April 26th starting at 12:30PM

Pias PestStop by Generation Green to sample the most delicious pesto ever! I literately eat this stuff cold right out of the jar on cucumbers, crackers, you name it!  But for those of you that can wait to cook with it, your going to be in love!

Pia’s Variety Pesto is a Manitoba company, the creator Maria VanLeusden has developed 3 types of Pesto using only the freshest, organic ingredients.  Her Pesto’s are also gluten free and contain no nuts or cheese.  The 3 Pesto flavors are Mixed Herb, Basil Cashew & Sundried Tomato.

All of the Pesto’s are extremely versatile, from Bruschetta to Roasted Chicken to Pasta! Check out Pias Variety Pesto recipe page for ideas!




Just The Goods Workshop

JTG1What a fun time we all had here last night at Generation Green’s after hours workshop, learning how to make custom face masks, with Milena from Just The Goods!

Milena not only spoke about different skin types, but also what type of ingredients will benefit your specific skin type.  JTG2


Then we got down to creating our very own custom clay facial mask!  I loved the fact that Milena had so clearly explained the benefits of all the ingredients, (plus gave us cheat sheets for reference) which made it  easy to put together a mask using a clay for the purpose you were looking for, dry botanical’s that offered all sorts of benefits from moisturizing to anti-inflammatory, and then a separate bottle of wet ingredients that again was formulated based on the skin type and the benefits wanting to achieve.JTG4









We all had some good laughs (Milena is quite entertaining as well!),and went home to apply our masks, put our feet up and have a wonderful “me” moment!

JTG end

You can find Just The Goods Skincare stocked here at Generation Green or in our online store, and watch soon for info on how you too can get a Spa to Go Facial!