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10 Ways To Find Your Zen

Whether you need a moment to de-stress, want more quiet moments in your life, or want some health benefits – taking time to find your zen is easier than you think.  Not only is it easy, but it’s necessary!

Life is so busy. In order to appreciate and enjoy it, or even to get through the rough patches, we need to find the moments that take us away from it all.  Moments that nurture our spirit and quiet the chattering in our minds.

The first step is to make yourself a priority!  Let go of any guilt you have for taking moments of self-care.  Remind yourself it’s important for your well-being.  Start minimally if needed and work your way up to a daily practice.  It doesn’t take long before it becomes a habit, and even better, something to look forward to.

There are so many ways to find “zen” or create it.  Here are my personal top ten!

1) Go for a walk, alone! No partner, no kids, no dog! Just you! Stop along the route to take notice of simple things. Maybe it’s the birds flying, trees blowing, or the warmth of the sun on your face.  While you take notice place your hand to your heart and breathe deeply.  Enjoy how it makes you feel and say thank you.

2) This leads to practicing gratitude.  Feeling grateful and saying you are grateful opens up a whole new world. When you take time to send out that grateful energy into the world, it returns to you tenfold.  Learn to be grateful for all moments, not just the good ones. The bumps in life are also lessons to be grateful for.

3) It can be really tough to quiet the mind but regular meditation practice can help.  Find the best way to meditate, for you! I sometimes like to lay down with headphones and follow a guided meditation. Other times I enjoy the mediation space I created in my room, or I will simply sit on my swing in the backyard and pat my dog.  However you can find ways to quiet your thoughts. It is natural that our minds will wander while we meditate but just recognize it and go back to your focussed place.

4) I recently discovered the benefits of burning resin.  The smoke of frankincense is used to quiet a racing mind, making it useful for meditation. Myrrh can also be used to still the mind and align the energy centers of the body. These can burn anytime in your home.  I am currently burning some as I type this!

5) Creativity helps!  I love to crotchet.  I don’t make much more than a scarf or a blanket but it’s the simple act of taking time to do something you can focus on in quiet.  Something that you can enjoy, that isn’t stressful. I am also an artist, and because of the type of art I do, I can actually delve into a form of meditation while drawing that requires no effort. For others – I can imagine dance being amazing for this, or a potter becoming one with the clay.  Try something new, something that can take you to that place of complete zen.

6) Exercise.  Yoga would be the first thing that comes to mind as it encompasses the body, mind, and spirit.  Tai Chi would also be great for this. Even a bike ride or a run. When we move our bodies we allow energy to move and flow through us. We also can release that “feel good” dopamine or “happy” serotonin from our brain.

7) Tune up your energy centers!  Otherwise known as chakra balancing.  There are seven energy centers that start at the base of the spine and run to the top of your head. When these centers are blocked it can stop us from living fully, and can even cause illness.  Each energy center has a specific function that is related to a specific emotion.  I once asked my energy worker how often I should have this tuneup done and she replied “you will just know.”  The more time you take for yourself, the more in tune you will become with your body and what it needs.

8) Massage or reflexology are more than helpful with pain or discomfort, they also can produce feelings of caring, comfort, and connection. How nice does it feel to have someone care for you?! Sometimes we are so busy caring for others that we forget how much we also need to be cared for.

9) My other all time favourite thing to do that makes me feel completely grounded and grateful is the simplicity of rocking a baby to sleep.  Watching them doze off while you offer warmth, connection, and a hypnotic rocking motion. Then to enjoy the complete peace on their face and the slow, quiet breaths they take.

10) Lastly, sometimes we just need a break from everyday life and this is when travel can give us that take me away moment.  I have heard it said sometimes you need to go away to miss home but I also think going away helps you find a safe, sacred home in yourself.

I’m sure there are a thousand other ways to find and add zen moments into your life. No matter what you choose to do or practice, doing so with an intention of caring for yourself will make all those moments (big or small) zen.


Article written by Sherry Sobey



Stress Effects & Solutions

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who deals well with stress.  I try to be aware of what triggers my stress levels, take time to practice self-care, and live in the moment. I try not worry about what tomorrow might bring.  Regardless of this awareness, it’s unrealistic to believe that I will never experience stress. It’s a natural reaction to life experiences.

I believe it’s important to reduce the stress triggers where you can, especially the repeating ones (the ones you can DO something about!) Understanding what stress does to your body helps you be able to manage the recovery of it better.

Recently I have been experiencing some stressful moments in my life, as we plan for our store relocation. I am very aware of how it is affecting my body.  Stress induced eczema, sleeping trouble, muscle tension, and headaches are a few of my bodily reactions.

When we are having a stressful experience, our brain tells our body to release hormones that trigger your body’s “fight or flight” response.  This release is supposed to assist us in processing the stress and help us react to it.  Unfortunately, when those hormones keep firing out, it can start to really have an affect on our health.  Above are some of the responses my body has had to my stress, but there can be even more serious conditions like weakened immune system, high blood pressure, digestive trouble and it could even affect the reproductive system.

So let’s talk about some simple ways to manage stress as it’s happening, so we don’t tax our bodies to the point of a serious health issue.

One of the simplest ways start calming our nervous system is by taking nice, deep cleansing breaths –  really deep (down to your belly) slow breaths!  Practice doing this throughout the day (it takes seconds and feels so good!) Close your eyes as you do, and if it helps-add in a mental image of a beautiful beach, trees blowing, or whatever helps you experience calmness.  I find listening to ocean sounds so soothing and can immediately feel those “good”/happy hormones being released.  For others, exercise really gets the serotonin flowing. Try dancing away that stress, move your body and shake it out! What about a good belly laugh? I think we can all recall a laughing fit and how amazing that felt! It makes me smile just thinking about it! All of these release endorphins (a natural pain-killer and stress eraser).

A couple other things that I have been using to get me through my stressful period are Bach Remedies, Four Sigmatic Reishi, and my very favourite-OM Shantea from Hollow Reed Holistic.

The Bach Rescue Remedies are available in spray, drops that you add to water, or candy-like pastilles. It is a mixture of 5 different Bach flower remedies created by Dr. Bach to deal with emergencies and crises. They help us get through any stressful situation. From last-minute exam or interview nerves, to the aftermath of an accident or bad news. The response this remedy creates is an emotional one, not a physical one. You just all of a sudden realize you’re not feeling that stress.

Reishi mushroom is probably the most researched of medicinal mushrooms, and is considered a longevity herb. Reishi is an adaptogen (assists the body in adapting to stressful conditions).  It basically tells your body to relax and calm down.  It is beneficial for our cardiovascular system and keeping our immunity strong.  I love that Four Sigmatic has created some amazing mushroom elixirs, including reishi, that you simply add hot water to and enjoy the benefits they offer.

Om Shantea tea is made locally in Winnipeg by Hollow Reed Holistic. It has been my personal favourite since master herbalist, Chad Cornell, first served me a cup!  A combination of skullcap, gotu kola, holy basil, and oatstraw create a blend that leaves your body and mind with an overall feeling of calm.

Life can be busy, stressful, and challenging at times so the need for self-care, self-love with a splash of fun and laughter are most important!  Find what works for you and do lots of that!


Matcha Madness!

Only recently discovering Matcha, I was amazed at the health benefits that this green tea offers, so much in fact that we are all kinda going mad for matcha!

Here are just some of the health benefits matcha offers:

  • Packed with antioxidants including EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate) which provides potent cancer-fighting properties
  • Boosts metabolism and burns calories
  • Detoxifies naturally
  • Calms the mind and relaxes the body
  • Is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins
  • Enhances mood and helps with concentration
  • Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium
  • Prevents disease
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar

My personal discovery of matcha was while I was searching for an alternative for coffee. I loved the boost coffee gave me in the morning, and then again around 3:00 in the afternoon, but I couldn’t enjoy it unless I sweetened it up (lots) and added in cream.  Having decided that I needed to eliminate processed sugar and dairy from my diet, coffee had to go.

I tried drinking the matcha just mixed with hot water and while it was okay like that, I found I preferred it with soy milk either steamed or over ice. The most wonderful thing though (that I can’t tell people enough) is the energy boost it gave me with no crash!

Not only can you enjoy matcha as a beverage but you can add it into so many recipes and smoothies! At a recent staff team building party we gathered some recipes and experimented!  The results were amaaazing! So delicious and so simple! Especially want to share the recipe for the matcha peanut butter cups from our friends over at Matcha Ninja, we all loved these!  You can find Matcha Ninja cold brew packets instore as well we offer Matcha from Hollow Reed Holistic.

Matcha Peanut Butter Cups:

1 cup cocoa butter

1/4 cup agave nectar

2 teaspoons matcha powder

1/4 cup cashew or macadamia nut butter

1/2 cup peanut butter

8 cupcake liners

  1. Melt cocoa butter in a double boiler, transfer to a medium sized bowl and whisk in matcha powder.
  2. Stir in nut butter and agave nectar.
  3. Divide cocoa butter mixture in half. Spoon 2 tablespoons into the bottom of each cupcake liner.
  4. Place liners on a tray and let set in freezer for 10 minutes.
  5. Spoon 1 tablespoon peanut butter into each cup and top with an additional tablespoon of the cocoa butter mixture to create a top layer.
  6. Return to freezer for about 15 minutes to set. Enjoy!

Recipe by the amazing ASHLEYSAUVÉ


Vitamin D, Not Just Another Vitamin

Ahhh, the “Sunshine Vitamin”, the “Feel Good Vitamin”, the “Essential Vitamin!”  Yes, Vitamin D is all of those and more!

“Sunshine” because when we are exposed to the sun, vitamin D is then amazingly created in our skin. (Stop covering up and slathering on the sunblock constantly when you go in the sun! Don’t be afraid, we NEED it! It’s all about moderation.)

“Feel Good” because Vitamin D is said to have a great influence on our brain and helping us just plain feel good!  Scientists are still trying to figure out exactly how that connection works but they have seen how it can help those with depression and seasonal affective disorder.  I personally notice the difference in my mood and energy levels when I am exposed to that glorious fire ball! Maybe also because our winters are so long and we anticipate the sunshiny, warm days that much more.

“Essential” for the development of bones and teeth basically by helping us absorb and use calcium and phosphorous.

I had always been told that we get enough Vitamin D from our food so I had no need to worry. But actually there are very few foods that have therapeutic levels of naturally occurring vitamin D, and even fortified foods do not contain enough vitamin D to support our needs. (No, not even in milk! You would have to drink like 100 glasses a day!) Vitamin D can refer to different forms of this vitamin. Two forms are important in humans: vitamin D2, which is made by plants, and vitamin D3, which is made by human skin when exposed to sunlight.

I was reading a naturopathic article that suggests adequate amounts of vitamin D can significantly reduce the threats of  diseases. Such as a wide range of cancers (breast, ovarian, colon, lymphoma, kidney, endometrial), type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, depression, high blood pressure, seasonal affective disorder, and heart attacks.  So why are we not being told this? Prevention is key!

As important as this is, most of us are deficient and don’t even know it. Researchers estimate that more than 50 percent of the general population is at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Personally, I think that estimate is modest and would guess that almost all Canadians are deficient! Because there are few obvious symptoms before things are problematic, it might be a good idea to get a vitamin D serum test done to see what your levels are and  how well you are absorbing it.  Also important to know, if you have any gastrointestinal issues (like celiac, chrohn’s, or irritable bowel) you will probably have difficulty absorbing Vitamin D. As it is a fat-soluble vitamin and those mentioned can’t absorb fat.  This one I learnt after a visit to my naturopath!  Unfortunately, Manitoba health does not cover this test anymore so you will have to pay to have it done.

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency range but one that doctors routinely will check for with babies is a sweaty head. Apparently a classic symptom! Other symptoms range from chronic fatigue, to achy bones, to more serious issues like immune deficiency.

Vitamin D is available in capsule form but I personally like the Vitamin D oral spray that Innotech Nutrition offers.  Offering 1000 IU’s in each spray with no sugar, salt, wheat, yeast, milk derivatives, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors or colours. The spray form is not only convenient (and tastes good) but it is also more readily absorbed by the body.  How much you take really depends on how much you are needing/absorbing.

Vitamin D Fast Facts:

  • SPF 15 sunscreen blocks production of vitamin D by 99%
  • A UV index greater than 4 is necessary to make vitamin D
  • A light skinned person in a bathing suit makes up to 15,000 IU vitamin D in 15-20 minutes in July at midday
  • Darker skin requires up to 7x more sunlight exposure to make the same amount as lighter skin
  • You can get vitamin D from reflected light while sitting in the shade but not through a glass window
  • Rickets and osteomalacia are classic vitamin D deficiency diseases. *Rickets is a softening or weakening of the bones. *In adults, vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteomalacia, which causes weak bones and muscles.

Interested in knowing about the discovery of Vitamin D? Read on here:  The Contribution of Adolf Windaus



Ah..ah..Aromatherapy for ah..ah..Allergy Season

Yes, it’s time again to behold the beauty of spring. While the sight of bright green leaves ready to unfurl can awaken the heart and excite the mind, the suggestion of pollens in the air can cause stress to the allergy prone.

Aromatherapy is a safe and effective way to take the edge off of the body’s hyper reaction to the plants in bloom around us. Using essential oils by simply smelling them out of the bottle or mixed in a diffuser will provide the body will an aromatic stream of botanical chemistry that can be used to soothe the mind and relax the body. Here are two blends that may be helpful to the allergy sufferer in the house, and certainly pleasurable to everyone else, sneezers and breathers alike.

For Daytime Use –  

This stimulating blend will liquefy mucous and soothe tension. With its anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory action, one can expect relief from sneezing, wheezing and headaches. There is also the added bonus of an anti-fungal action here, from the lemongrass, that can really help to clean the air.

2 drops peppermint 

4 drops rosemary

6 drops lemongrass


For Night time Use –

Often times people think they are congested when in fact they are swollen. The anti inflammatory effect of the frankincense in this blend can do wonders for relieving the pressure in the sinuses and help to relax the whole being. Useful day or night, this blend will not interfere with a good night’s sleep.

2 drops eucalyptus

4 drops lavender

6 drops frankincense

Diluted in a good quality carrier oil can make these diffuser blends useful as a rub, either on dry or in the shower or bath. And you could try sitting with a towel over head, while the oils evaporate from a bowl of steaming water.

Try the above proportions in 15 ml (a tablespoon) of coconut oil. If you are new to aromatherapy, test a small patch on the  skin first, for safety and comfort. Never use essential oils undiluted on the skin, they are highly concentrated and more effective in dilution. And always always always keep them well out of reach of children.

Every year in May, the phone at Hollow Reed starts to ring with questions of allergy relief.  Of course, one must take responsibility to reduce the amount of mucous in the body by eliminating mucous forming foods such as dairy and gluten. However, many people need to make an extra effort to stay on top of the environmental impositions to their human form.

I am always excited to share with people the benefits of adaptogens, such as Chaga Mushroom. In assisting the natural inclination to adaptation, we can support our bodies while they go about their business in a world beyond our control.

We can also get great relief and pleasure from taking a few cups of Hollow Reed’s Nettle Nourishment Tea several times a day when the lovely trees and flowers of concern are in bloom. Nettle is a natural anti-histamine, and the nourishing quality of this tea adds strength and support to get through the weeks ahead.

Nancy Hall III is co-owner and operator of the Hollow Reed Holistic Centre. She is available for private consultations, and to teach at house parties and wellness events.

Feeling Your Saturday Night? – Natural Hangover Prevention/Relief

We’ve all experienced that one too many, or maybe you’re a lightweight like myself and feel the effects of alcohol rather easy.  Regardless, the next day is not as much fun as the evening prior!

Well now there is a natural prevention/remedy available at Generation Green that actually works!

All natural “Clear Head” was formulated using a remedy that was actually discovered centuries ago! A little herb known as Milk Thistle.

Milk Thistle is a flowering herb related to the daisy and ragweed family. Offering up some amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits!

The active compound in the milk thistle extract is silymarin. This extract has been used for over 2000 years to treat a range of liver diseases,  kidney and gallbladder issues. More recently, it has been shown to be effective in the relief of symptoms of hangovers.

Each of the little packets have 4 – 250 mg capsules in them.  Simply take two before consuming alcohol and one more capsule at the end of the evening.  Take the last capsule the next morning if necessary.

Clear Head was developed at the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals at the University of Manitoba, is approved by Health Canada and has been issued a natural product number.

Please drink responsibly! Everything in moderation is key.

Understanding Superfoods

Image courtesy of Fit Communications

We have all heard the term ‘super food’. Every time you read something about nutrition you are told to increase the number of super foods in your diet. Many restaurants now use it as a catch phrase for their salads and healthy meals. But what does it really mean? By definition, a super food is “a food (such as salmon, broccoli, or blueberries) that is rich in compounds (such as antioxidants, fiber, or fatty acids) considered beneficial to a person’s health. Super foods increase energy and vitality, regulate cholesterol and blood pressure and may help to prevent or fight cancer and other diseases.” (Source: Marriam-Webster Dictionary).

The issue then becomes what ARE the actual super foods? Click here to read more!

Thanks to our friends over at Fit Communications for being so passionate about helping Winnipeg get healthy! Be sure to check out the awesome initiative they created called FitGirls!

Natural Living Series – Detox Your Fine Self!


Focus: Detoxifying & Cleansing

In my previous post I spoke about adding a daily probiotic as a start for looking after your gut health. A daily probiotic keeps your gut populated with good fighting bacteria. It can also be beneficial to cleanse your colon, as years of built up toxins can affect your health. Think dirty colon = dirty blood = bad health.  A cleanse can be a chance to “reset the system.” Others do a cleanse more spiritually for inner peace.  Some like to do a spring & fall cleanse, but others like to do it once a month.  How you do it is all a personal preference, and comes down to listening to what your body wants or needs.

There are a few different types and lengths of cleanses you can try. With any cleanse you want your body to be prepared for it.

Step 1 – Approach your cleanse with a self-care attitude.  It’s most important to make sure you will have the time to relax,  and not stress. See this as a time to pamper and care for yourself.  Plan to be home, read a good book, mediate, take a bath; whatever helps to create a nurturing environment for yourself.

Step 2 – Be prepared with everything you need in order to be successful!  Make a list! You want to make sure you are keeping your body hydrated and putting back minerals and nutrients.  Find recipes for fresh detox juices you can make at home, or if you prefer there are programs here in Winnipeg, such as the ones offered at Green Carrot.  You also want to have certain foods on hand, such as brown rice or Miso broth, in case you find it too difficult to be without food.

Step 3 – Be realistic with yourself, and your intention with the cleanse.  Don’t go into a cleanse with an ideal of shedding unwanted pounds, but rather envision your body cleansed and refreshed in order to give you optimal health.

As I mentioned, there are many different types of cleanses available. You really should research what is best for you, and be sure to check with your doctor if you have any health restrictions.

In addition to the toxins in our colon, cleansing also gives our other organs a much-needed rest! With the amount of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis, in addition to a cleanse, we should find ways to help our body detoxify.

Detoxification removes impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin. There are numerous ways to enhance your cleanse and help your body detoxify. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Detox baths are wonderful, not only for helping relax your body, but drawing toxins to the surface.  Encouraging our bodies’ natural detoxification process is simple!  You will want to start with bath water as hot as you can handle and add in 2 cups of epsom salts (also known as magnesium sulfate.) It can also be beneficial to add a cup of baking soda to your bath to help neutralize any chemicals, such as chlorine.  Add a few drops of essential oil if you like, and submerge your body for at least 20 minutes. When finished, drink lots of water to hydrate.
  • Dry Brushing is another great tool for detoxing! By dry brushing your skin with a loofah or a dry brush, you will stimulate the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system is our personal filter, it keeps toxins out of your bloodstream. When we stimulate it with a dry bush, it activates this powerful defense system.  Dry brushing can also help rid cellulite, and naturally rid of dead skin cells.
  • Any exercise that helps you break a sweat is going to be a detox tool.  So dance in your kitchen, get outside for a brisk walk, whatever you enjoy, just get sweating!
  • Go for a massage, my personal favourite!  Ever wonder why a massage therapist will tell you to drink plenty of water after a massage? Think of it like this: your muscles are a sponge and when a massage therapist starts rubbing your muscles they are squeezing that sponge and stimulating your lymphatic system.

Eliminating our exposure to toxins, especially environmental toxins, can be difficult. But we can help our bodies have a strong defense system by making healthier choices!  Some of the other benefits that you can receive from a cleansing & detox routine are: beautiful skin, clear thinking, more energy, & better mood.

Next up in our “Natural Living” series:  Understanding Omega’s, Superfoods, Enzymes & Antioxidants.




Natural Living Series – Source of Disease

Focus: The Source of Disease

When looking for ways to begin achieving optimal health, we believe the number one thing you need is a really good probiotic! Let’s explain why…


If you have ever been to a naturopathic doctor, they will tell you that almost all disease can be traced back to our gut.  It is absolutely fascinating when you start looking into exactly what is going on in your body, in your digestive system to truly understand and believe this statement.

Adding a probiotic is like sending in the Calvary! Our intestines and colon are filled with so many types of bacteria that it’s impossible to know about them all (there is over 400 different species of bacteria) but we do know about how bad things can become when we don’t keep that army populated!  The goal is to keep more good than bad bacteria living in us (gut flora balance).  Our “good” bacteria can de destroyed by things like antibiotics, stress, alcohol/drugs and poor diet.  Two of the most common types of  bacteria that you can find in a probiotic are Acidophilus & Bifidus.  Acidophilus has the job of keeping things clear for these little hairs called Microvilli that are along the wall of the small intestine, and are assist in moving the food along.  Acidophilus bacteria is our number one defence of disease in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the vagina.  Bifidus has the job of re-populating the friendly bacteria, lowers the PH level (an acidic environment is necessary in this area otherwise it would be a breeding ground for bad bacteria).  Bifidus will also prevent gas & bloating.

Now let’s get into which probiotic to choose.

Most people think they need to look at the total number of bacteria it shows on the bottle (for example: 10 billion active cells), but while that is important and something to consider, really we need to look at what the different strains of bacteria are included in the probiotic.  Now remember I mentioned there are over 400 different species of bacteria, but we are going to want to look for the most important known strains and what we personally are in need of:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus – these guys colonize on the walls of the small intestine, support nutrient absorption and help digest dairy if that’s part of your diet.
  • Bifidobacterium longumScavengers of toxins! Mostly found in adults digestive tract and have been said to reduce the risk of colon cancer.
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum – As we age this one is important for breaking down complex carbs, fat & protein but their most important job is protecting us from germs.
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus – known as the travellers best friend because they help with the dreaded diarrhea that can otherwise ruin a trip!  Also shown beneficial to women with urinary tract infections.
  • Lactobacillus fermentum – Promotes healthy levels of bacteria in the gut, can help with lowering cholesterol and another good one for women in minting a healthy vaginal flora.

Another important thing to look at when you are selecting a probiotic is the expiry date.  Remember these are live cultures you are ingesting and you want to be sure they stay that way!  Some of those live bacteria won’t make the journey past your stomach acid but you can help by taking the probiotic with a meal.  Food will temporally reduce the acidity level of your stomach giving better odds for survival.  Also making sure you are ingesting a good amount of bacteria (called CFU’s or Colony Forming Unit) starting at 10 million and then you can increase as needed.

We really like the probiotic options available from Natural Factors, but another favourite that is fairly new on the market is Wholy Biosa 10+ Artisan Probiotic Drink from Innotech NutritionThis triple fermented probiotic drink offers up 10 Billion bioactive cultures, and has a ph of 3.5 so it can survive stomach acid.

Another great habit to get into is adding in probiotic type foods like; cultured vegetables (think sauerkraut & kimchi), yogurt, kombucha (easy to make or a great Canadian brand we like is Tonica), kefir drinks and more!

So to sum up, our intestines have the huge job of not only assisting in breaking down the food but also absorbing the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats.  Probiotic’s (our army) work at keeping the spaces clear to allow all those good things to pass through into our blood stream, which then carries off to our organs, tissues, brain, etc. Getting the picture here now?

In my next post, I am going to talk about dirty colon’s and how we can safely clean them out.


An Introduction to Natural Living

When I first began my journey into finding safe alternatives it was all very overwhelming and confusing!  Where to start, who to trust and where to go to find the products I needed was difficult, but as with every change we just simply must begin!

We need to start somewhere and take small steps.  We are all uniquely different and will naturally require, desire, and will begin our journey into natural living in the area that is of most importance at this  moment.  For me, it was skin care, for you it could be healthcare, nutrition, or even what to clean your home with. Regardless of where we start, it begins with one step, and then one change will naturally lead to the next.  Kind of like a snowball that keeps getting rolled into a boulder size and then you need to start rolling another ball and another until you’ve built yourself into the healthiest version of you!  I like to look at these three snowballs as what we put “IN”, “ON” and “AROUND” our bodies.

Luckily for you, my staff and I are all on our own journey’s, with different motivators, various amount of knowledge and love sharing what we have learned, worked for us and yet still where we are headed.  We also are learning from you, our customers! It’s a community of knowledge, all at different points but excited to share.  What works for me, may not work for you but the more we learn the more we know, the more we share, and the more we try.

It can be difficult to sometimes not blurt out and say this is what you need to do based on my experience, because it’s exciting when we find our solution, and only natural to want to share. I decided to start this blog series though to hopefully clear away some of the confusion, present the options in easy to understand language. I hope you will follow along and even offer up some of your own knowledge!

Our next blog post we will discuss the most important thing you need to be adding into your daily regime for optimal health.

Written by:  Sherry Sobey