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All Natural Stress Relief

Everyone at some point has dealt with stress and feeling anxious.  Deadlines, exams, parenting, relationships, health, can all cause stress at some point or another.  How we deal with the stresses life throws at it can greatly affect the outcome.

For some getting rid of the stress can be done by exercising, meditating, getting a massage, or even having a quiet moment alone.  For others though, stress can linger, start to cause anxiety, maybe even panic situations.  This is when it can really effect your health and your life.

Unfortunately we are bombarded with messages that there is a pill that can fix that, and since many are wanting a quick fix, or just plain want to feel better, they resort to the prescription remedy.  Usually these medications can be addicting and come with a list of unpleasant side effects, not to mention possible longterm health issues. I personally believe in exhausting all my natural resources first before I would consider a prescription.

I was excited to find a natural remedy that actually worked for stress relief, and have been amazed at just how many others have reported the same!bach-rescue-remedy-10ml

Dr. Bach formulated RESCUE Remedy nearly a hundred years ago and it is more relevant than ever! Dr Bach’s natural stress relief pastilles are convenient when dealing with stress and worrisome situations.  The formula works on an emotional level, not physical, and it’s amazing how all of a sudden you just realize your not feeling stressed anymore! Bach Rescue Remedy contains active ingredients such as Star of Bethlehem, Clematis Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose. These flowers soothe irritability, help with shock/panic and provide a general calmness in times of stress.  Also available in liquid drops that can easily be added to water and sipped throughout the day, as well as formulas for pets!

magnesiumAnother natural remedy is a mineral that affects are neurological system and that most of us are deficient in, magnesium!

When we are feeling stressed, it causes the cells in our bodies to release magnesium which helps us feel more calm.  However, if we are continually dealing with stressful situations, and our bodies are not having time to recover, the level of stress you feel will increase because there just won’t be enough magnesium released.  In addition, our diets can be filled with foods that also tax out our magnesium.  Sugar especially is huge for causing depletion of magnesium, not to mention vital nutrients!

There are some great options for magnesium supplements, like Innotech Nutrition’s Liquid Ionic Magnesium that doesn’t just taste great, but the nano size particles can easily be transported to the cell membrane, directly through the mouth membranes bypassing the digestive system.  Same can be said for Mama Pacha’s new Magnesium lotion, rubbing onto your skin is going to absorb more magnesium directly into your blood stream than having to go through the whole digestive system.

Bottom line is, stress is not something we should allow to linger long, our health is just too important!

How To Sprout – Step by Step

We talk lot’s about sprouting and it’s because we love how simple it is, how much nutrition they offer, and how you can grow them all year long!  We’ve created some simple step by step instructions here so you can start sprouting too! 





We currently stock 17 different types of sprouts in bulk, each offering their own unique tastes, textures, and nutritional benefits.

Stop by and we can help get you started, or even better come to our “Generation Green Thumb” event on Sunday, June 26th 10-3 under the canopy at the Forks, for a sprouting demo & special starter packs!


How to Have the Perfect Stress Relieving Bath

In honor of our stress-relief focused month, here’s a Generation Green guide to the perfect stress relieving bath!

First off, you gotta prep the bath and set the mood! Pick what the focus of your bath will be.. skin care, muscle relaxant, or even just calming.

Make bathsure you lock the door and will not be disturbed! Have a pot of tea brewing or a glass of wine poured. Pick out your favorite candles and light those while you fill your bath… we recommend “Simple Things” soy votive’s which come in tons of amazing scents, or go with a classic beeswax candle, like Barletta Beeswax, made in Winnipeg! No matter what you choose just be sure its toxic, fragrance, and chemical free though like all our options here at Generation Green!

Continue to set the mood by picking out a relaxing album… our favorites are Enya and The Tenors, but pick whatever your favorite calming tunes are! Now your bath should be getting full so time for one of the crucial parts of the perfect bath… what to add to your water! We have tons of great options here depending on what your focus is!

For moisturizing and skin care we have:

Just the Goods vegan bath melts – Made with essential oils, moisturizing cocoa butter, and water softening baking soda.

Collage Milk Bath Bombs – Rich with ingredients of Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Calendula and Rose petals & Lavender buds.

For muscle relaxant:

Our most popular choice is Made for Skin’s natural arctic mineral salts – seriously therapeutic and smell amazing too!

Garden Goodies Moisture Bomb – A decadent dessert for any skin!  Loaded with Epsom Salt to help tired and sore muscles, and cocoa butter and olive oil to moisturize skin.

And for just a calming meditation:

I like to put some drops of lavender essential oil in my water, or you could use a natural bubble bath by Di Erbe that comes in tons of great scents!

Now hop in the tub and grab your glass of tea or wine and enjoy! We carry quite of few teas some of my favorite being our Herbaria’s thyme or lavender tea, both perfectly relaxing!

Now as you relax gauge what’s the best bath activity for you, maybe it’s reading that book you’ve been meaning to for ages, or maybe it’s sitting back with a Warm Buddy therapeutic eye mask or eye pillow. These are amazing as you can heat them up or chill them and they are filled with lavender and flax, and put the perfect about of pressure over your eyes to relax and help you get to that meditative state.

Now don’t stop there!

Dry off with an amazing soft and sustainable bamboo bath towel and continue with a therapeutic exfoliation using either a Merben dry body brush, or a refreshing body scrub from one of our local manufacturers! Rinse again and then moisturize! We have some wonderful options here like Mama Pacha’s Calendula body butters or  Garden Goodies whipped butters that all smell so amazing!

Finally bundle up in a super cozy bamboo bath robe and enjoy the feeling of being stress free and relaxed!



Stress/Tension Relief: Warm Buddy

eye pillowI suffer easily from headaches and neck tension, and was always on the lookout for natural products that could help ease the discomfort.

When I first experienced the Warm Buddy Aromatherapy Sleep Mask, I immediately felt soothed and comforted by the softness first.  The best part though is that this eye mask offers aromatherapy and acupressure (contains flax seeds, lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and essential oil of rose geranium), plus you can microwave or freeze depending on your personal preference or required need at the time.  Great just for relaxation and sleeping too.  The adjustable strap helps to secure and apply the perfect tension.  Also available is the eye pillow, same benefits but no strap.relax

For neck tension from stress, the Warm Buddy neck wrap will be your new best friend! Also available at Generation Green is the Warming Pillow that is great for aches and pains, and  filled with their signature anti-stress aromatherapy blend.

More Bamboo For You!

bamboo towel setWe love everything Bamboo at Generation Green, and are constantly on the lookout for more products that are created ethically with Bamboo.

We’ve  just added a fabulous new line of bamboo products, from an equally fabulous Vancouver company called HiltechBamboo.

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly, sustainable plants in the world. Naturally antibacterial, antifungal and grown without the need for pesticides or fertilizers.

Bamboo is also so incredibly soft! The best part is, that this luxurious fabric can be easily machine washed and is even wrinkle resistant!

You can now find Hiltech Bamboo sheet sets, towel sets, bath robes, socks and gorgeous shawl scarfs at Generation Green.  Since we don’t really have room to load up on all the selections,  we can special order in specific products for our customers.




Hemp Hearts Fast Facts

Hemp Hearts
Hemp Hearts

I would have thought by now that everyone has heard of Hemp Hearts and their benefits, but surprisingly folks are still discovering this amazing superfood!

One of the biggest questions I get asked is if Hemp Hearts are the same as marijuana and will I feel different eating them?  Yes, hemp is a species of Cannabis sativa but no, hemp is not the same as marijuana. Hemp contains 0.001% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) while marijuana contains up to 20% or more.

Hemp Hearts will NOT cause a psychoactive effect nor will they cause a false positive drug test. Manitoba Harvest has been at the forefront of researching and educating consumers about the safety and benefits of hemp. You can read more about the history of hemp by clicking this link.

Hemp Hearts are one of those super foods that you can enjoy right out of the bag! They are slightly nutty flavoured, soft, and so easy to add into your diet.  Add them to your morning smoothie, cereal, yoghurt, salads, soups, I even throw them into stir fry’s!  They don’t overpower the taste of other foods but pack a whole lot of health benefits! Manitoba Harvest has a great recipe page that you can find by clicking here.

  • Hemp Hearts contain 10 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of Omegas per 30 gram serving.
  • More digestible protein than meat, whole eggs, cheese, human milk, cows milk or any other high protein food
  • Rich in Vitamin E
  • Gluten Free
  • The Omega-6 fatty acids in hemp stimulate skin and hair growth, maintain bone health, regulate metabolism, and help the brain function.
  • The Omega-3 fatty acids in hemp reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, and may even ward off Alzheimer’s disease. Hemp seeds are one of the few Omega-3 sources found in plants.
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Products
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Products

Besides Hemp Hearts, there are a number of other hemp products that offer the same benefits. At Generation Green, we stock the following Manitoba Harvest Hemp products:

Organic Hemp Hearts (by the bag & now also in bulk!), Yummy Hemp Heart Bites (a perfect snack), Hemp Pro 70 Protein Powder (water-soluble and has a smooth texture), Hemp Bliss Beverages (certified organic), and their brand new energy bars in three flavours (chocolate, vanilla & apple cinnamon).



Understanding Plant Based Diets

"Organic Vegetarian Vegan Food Collage Bright Mood” by KEKO64
“Organic Vegetarian Vegan Food Collage Bright Mood” by KEKO64

Plant based diets…Seems relatively straight forward, but for many it can be an overwhelming challenge of completely revamping ones lifestyle. Not to fear! Plant based diets are what humans have thrived on for thousands of years and it includes countless benefits to your health, the environment and animal welfare. In this age, finding completely plant based recipes to satisfy your cravings are all over the internet and I can promise you that youll find something to combat your needfor dairy and other animal products. So whether it be for the positive influences plant based diets have on our planet, the suffering of factory farmed animals or for your personal health, I want to help you transition successfully into consuming completely plant based!

I do however encourage you to seriously consider the ethical standards and environmental impacts consuming animal products has on our planet before making a transition to a plant based diet as it can keep you motivated in the long-term. If you are interested in watching some seriously motivating documentaries or reading through some news articles, send me a message and Id be so incredibly excited to help you out! But if youre not, thats okay too, hopefully some of my tips can assist you with your transition.

What is a plant based diet?

A plant based diet focuses on consuming whole, minimally refined plants. Vegetables, fruits, tubers, whole grains and legumes help make up a plant based diet whereas meats (including seafood), eggs, dairy products, bleached white flours, white sugar and oils do not. Now, reading that and jumping straight into a plant based diet will not be the best tactic. As complicated or as simple as that sounded to you, I assure you that you will be able to enjoy food items and recipes that were very similar to what you were eating before, just all plant based! But again, not to worry, I will be listing some of my favourite simple, delicious and healthy recipes to help make your transition a breeze.

Why bother eating a plant based diet?

  • Veggies are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and high fibre contents to keep your body a healthy and happy one!

  • Plant based diets can help to avoid developing diseases of affluence such as obesity or high blood pressure.

  • Animal products are incredibly acid-forming which leads to loss of bone density, however, plant based products are alkalizing which drives the formation and development of strong and healthy bones.

  • Plant based foods contain ZERO cholesterol, where as animal products such as eggs and hamburgers are loaded with it. This provides us with a simple and natural way to lower high cholesterol levels.

  • Eating a low-fat and whole food diet is one of the best ways to help keep you cancer free. Animal products have been linked to cancers, especially breast and colon cancer and given that breast cancer rates have gone up 30% since 1975 in women and men (reference, steering clear of animal products and transitioning to a plant based diet can potentially have a major positive influence on your health.

  • Weight loss naturally occurs when one consumes more fibre, vitamins and minerals than animal products and byproducts, so generally within the first two weeks of eating plant based, individuals tend to lose up to 5 pounds.

So lets get into the transition! Making a major change in your life always comes with difficulties, so be prepared to face upcoming challenges with an open mind and a positive, optimistic attitude.

After doing some hunting online, Ive gathered that there are generally 2 ways to go about transitioning to a total plant based diet.

  1. Small Steps

    “Stairway To Forest” by lkunl
    “Stairway To Forest” by lkunl

If the idea of getting rid of everything youre familiar with in your fridge sounds terrifying, this could be for you! If youre currently eating all meats along with a variety of yummy veggies, think of what type of meat you eat the least of and cut it completely out of your diet. This will make for such an easy transition youll be laughing about it. If you love chicken, then let it stick around in your meals until youve cut out all seafood and fish. From there, begin to cut out various single items every week, two weeks or two months. The pace is up to you, but set something for yourself that you know youll be able to handle so you don’t fall back into your old ways.

Once you have made the complete transition to a vegetarian diet (no animals or seafood), its time to focus in on dairy. At first, try to seriously reduce your dairy intake for 4-5 days of the week. Then begin to cut it out completely for 4-10 days. Since dairy products cause some of the worst damage to our bodies youll be able to feel a difference once you eliminate them from your diet especially after 30 days. While eliminating various food items be sure to add in more plant based products to your diet. Whether thats adding in leafy greens to your morning omelette or drinking a green smoothie (no dairy!!) every evening, begin to incorporate the foods that youll soon eat exclusively. Leave the products like honey to the end as they tend to be the easiest of switches. Swap that teaspoon of honey in your morning tea with a teaspoon of agave and voila!!!

2. Dive right in

photo credit: David Castillo Dominici
photo credit: David Castillo Dominici

If number 1 didn’t seem right for you, this way might be your way! If youre the type of person to throw everything you got at somethingthen diving right in to consuming a plant based diet may be your best way to transition. Set a date and go right ahead. Do read through some of my tips above though, to have an idea of what youre getting into.

Now Ive listed the benefits and gave tips on transitioning, but shopping, planning meals and cooking for a plant based diet also requires some knowledge. So lets get into that.

Grocery List

This list is copied right off of my personal grocery listso lets hope you find it somewhat helpful. Most items listed here are organic. For me I always choose the organic/Fair Trade option first and then go for the non-organic stuff if there is no other choice. Also.. remember your bags!!!


These are just some ideas of what to purchase for fresh produce. If youre more fond of other veggies or fruits grab those instead (just not potatoes). If youre never home and are worried about things going bad, then purchase more frozen organic fruits and veggies instead, they’ll be perfect for morning smoothies.

  • 2 bunches Fair trade/organic bananas *they sell these at Vita Health*

  • 12 Organic apples

  • Organic lemons

  • Organic medjool dates *also sold in bulk at Vita Health*

  • 1 bag chopped kale/spinach

  • Head of cauliflower or broccoli

  • 2 Avocados

  • Organic blueberries

  • Zucchini or eggplant

  • 2 cloves garlic


Remember to bring your reusable cloth bags for bulk stuff (If youre looking to find these, we have two great options available at Generation Green)

  • Quinoa (rainbow, white.. whatever floats your boat, *we sell organic quinoa here at Generation Green*

  • Raw almonds, cashews and pumpkin seeds *also find at organic at Generation Green*

  • Beans or legumes

  • Sesame seeds *also find at organic at Generation Green*


If you’d rather purchase some of the above items in cans or larger quantity packaged bags, feel free! Do however check out the packaging and opt for the most recyclable/compostable option.

  • 1 Bag of gluten-free, GMO free oats *try Adagio Acres here at Generation Green*

  • 2 cans of organic chickpeas

  • 1 bag of organic, raw flaxseed

  • 1 carton of non-dairy unsweetened milk (almond or hemp) *find at organic at Generation Green*

  • Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts *also find at organic at Generation Green*

  • Goji berries *also find at organic at Generation Green*

  • Gluten, oil free bread and vegan bread (optional)

  • Fair Trade ceylon cinnamon *find that here at Generation Green*

recipesEasy Recipes

Ill list a few key ones that have worked out best for me, but sites like One Green Planet and Forks Over Knives have some wicked delicious recipes that you can always check out.



The easy option here is a smoothie of some sort. My dear friend and co-worker Savannah makes a smoothie of 6 bananas or 10-15 dates every morning, and since both of these things are loaded with potassium, fibre and other essential nutrients it’s a great way to easily digest something to help keep you going until your next meal. If that’s not your thing, combine greens, berries, bananas and some non-dairy milk for your smoothie


1/2 cup cooked oatmeal

1/2 cup blueberries

1 tbsp. sunflower seeds

1 tbsp. Hemp Hearts

1 tbsp. goji berries

With your breakfast, have a glass of hot lemon water instead of a cup of caffeinated coffee to help get things moving.


Spinach & Kale salad

2 cups of greens

1/2 cup chickpeas

1/2 of a mashed avocado

1 tbsp. Hemp Hearts

1/4 cup almonds or cashews

Oil-free Hummus

1 can chickpeas

2 cloves garlic

2 tbsp. non-dairy milk

juice of half a lemon

1/4 cup raw sesame seeds


  1. Add garlic cloves to a food processor until finely minced. Add in drained chickpeas and continue to pulse until finely chopped.

  2. Add in all other ingredients and pulse until mixture is completely smooth.

  3. Salt and pepper to taste, feel free to add paprika or top with fresh herbs.

Eggplant Sandwich

Thinly sliced eggplant

2 tbsp oil-free hummus


palm sized handful of greens


  1. Roast or fry two thinly sliced pieces of eggplant.

  2. Spread a layer of hummus over each slice of eggplant, add your greens and top with sprouts. Feel free to salt and pepper to taste.


Quinoa Salad

1-2 cups of cooked quinoa

1 cup of blueberries

1/2 cup chickpeas

1/2 cup of sliced dates

1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1 cup beans

  1. Cook quinoa and chill for 20-40 minutes

  2. Add in all other ingredients to your cold quinoa, feel free to add in some balsamic vinegar for extra flavour.


Baked Apple

1-2 organic apples

3 tbsp. ground ceylon cinnamon

  1. Cube the apples, or cut in half

  2. Add your cinnamon

  3. Bake in your oven or microwave until warm

Like I said before, there are thousands of plant based recipes out there online, and these few that I have suggested are just some of the things that I repeat constantly. Find what works easiest for you and stick to a few key recipes throughout your journey. I wish you the best of luck with your transition and remember to preserve through your challenges!

Article written by Dallas Gillingham

Do You Compromise Quality For Price?

Photo by Stuart Miles, courtesy of free
Photo by Stuart Miles, courtesy of free

At Generation Green we carry tons of wonderful locally-made, environmentally friendly goods. Considering the quality of these products, the prices are usually higher than something you find at your commercial good store like Walmart, Superstore, etc. This is something you should expect shopping here, yet still plenty of customers, time and time again, come in here appalled at how much certain things can be.

So let’s get something straight… You truly get what you pay for in today’s society. Cheap prices mean cheap product. Why CAN you get “meals” for $3, and household items for $10? That is because corporations have made every effort possible to pay very little for that product. This almost always means unfair labour overseas, where people and children are exploited. This also means environmentally destructive practices, such as clear-cutting, polluting water, pesticide spraying, and even manufactured chemicals in paints and dye which directly harms these exploited workers and indirectly harms every one of us, the atmosphere, and the earth.

This is all done just so people will be satisfied with a cheap price, the product will sell, and the richest 1% will keep making loads of money.

With globalization it’s so easy for all of us to overlook the harm that buying even just a few of those exploited products causes. But we need to stop, think, and remind ourselves why it’s even possible that those products are so cheap.

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles
Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

So, I emphasize, you get what you pay for. If you want cheap prices, you are receiving a cheap (or cheated) product.

At Generation Green, we consider ethics when purchasing and selling our items. We refuse to compromise quality for low prices. Prices here are higher, because the products are truly worth more. They have been made locally in individual’s studios, fairly traded overseas, or made conservatively with bamboo or other self-sustaining resources. Keep this in mind next time our price tags make you re-consider.

Purchasing power is the only true way to make any change in this world or fight cooperational greed. Every dollar you spend is a vote towards what you support. If these nasty corporations keep getting profit for what they produce, they won’t stop. Not until we decrease their profits and demand change will they re-consider their habits.

Article written by Savannah Costen

Popular and Hard To Find Items

Along with the basics, Generation Green is loaded with unique and specialty items. You wouldn’t believe how many times customers come to the till saying “I’ve been looking for this everywhere!” or “This works amazingly!”. So here’s a little blurb about some items I hear about the most from costumers or that are exclusive to Winnipeg at Generation Green.

TSFPThat Stuff For Pain

Made in Selkirk, Manitoba, That Stuff for Pain is a natural pain relief made with a blend of menthol and essential oils. Despite some popular belief, menthol is totally safe to use is cosmetics and only rates a 1 in the Skin Deep database at Customers so regularly come by and just rave about how well it works! Even people with chronic pain who have seen a doctor for years find relief from it. And just this week we are finally able to give refills of it! If you bring your container back for a refill you get 10% off (and double green points!).

TongsBamboo Tongs

A majority of our kitchen utensils and supplies are made of bamboo. Bamboo is an incredibly efficient self-sustaining resource growing back waaaay faster than trees, meanwhile while providing 35% more oxygen. There are tons of more benefits to bamboo you can read online! We carry 3 sizes of bamboo tongs at the store, our most popular being our mini tongs. We sell many of these in one day a lot of people saying they use them to pull toast and pop-tarts out of their toasters and just today I had a customer tell me he had been looking for something for this “forever”! They have tons of other funky uses if you get creative! They can also be great for serving snacks to a group of people or for a to-go homemade lunch!

GlydeVegan and Natural Condoms

We sell Glyde condoms here at generation green… these are exclusive to our store in Winnipeg! We stocked these after we realized how tough it is to find an eco-friendly condom. Glyde condoms are fairly made with natural latex, free from casein, talc, and other chemicals! They strongly emphasise their fair labor and sustainable cultivation. Most condoms found in drugstores are chalk full of chemicals, unfair labour, or animal testing. Be consistent in your natural life and take it all the way to bed!


ganeshasbulkincenseNatural Incense

Our Ganesha’s Garden incense is one of our top-selling products every month! Ganesha’s Garden makes all natural incense. Most incense you would buy somewhere else is full of fragrances and I’ve even heard the shed can be made out of animal dung and all types of random things! This causes for an overpowering and headache-inducing smell along with a smoky black burn. Our Ganesha incense’s shed is botanically based made from dried up wood shed from different kinds of trees and scented with only essential oils; this causes the smoke to burn a white-grey color and the smell to be gentle.


ChagaChaga is a unique type of mushroom with all kinds of amazing health benefits. It is unique from other mushrooms as it is quite dense. Chaga is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth and is actually referred to in Chinese culture as “King of Plants”, which is saying a lot considering their use of all types of plant and herbal remedies. Chaga is a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-stress, anti-aging, anti-bacterial. It is good for your digestive system and even works in preventing cancer. We sell it as tea in chunks and ground (which you reuse 3-5 times), or there is an option of buying it as a tincture. So no matter what it is you’re struggling with… Chaga would probably help! You can read more on the benefits of Chaga here.

images-4Swell Bottles

Swell bottles fly off the shelves at Generation Green! They recently came out with tons of new, fun styles which we have stocked in store.  Swell bottles are not only popular for their chic look, but Swell actually plants a tree for every bottle sold and donates parts of their sales to organizations that provide clean water to countries that are lacking. Swell is made with a special thermal technology so it keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours (and it really does!). Like the label says its “sophisticated enough for the boardroom and tough enough for a mountain hike”.

Article written by: Savannah Costen

Spring Cleaning Your Mind Photo by Photokanok
Photo by Photokanok

I always love a new year & I especially love Spring! It’s like a fresh page in a notebook, a chance to really think about what I would like my story to look like.

Of course things don’t always go as planned, which is also about perspective, but I do think it’s good to spend some time outlining possible changes, new directions, reflect on what has worked, what hasn’t, and set some goals.

Visualizing the life you want is part of the process! You have to know what you want in order to achieve it. Vision boards or even journals are great tools to use! Writing out words, statements, quotes, and adding photos to vision boards, then taking time to sit with them, keep those ideas alive, remind yourself what you really want out of life, or even better help change some belief systems that don’t serve you well.  This is an area that I am constantly working on!

Our belief systems are created by all the things we see, hear, and experience. Unfortunately some beliefs can have very negative impacts in our life.  Self image, self-worth, personal potential, and how we perceive and accept others are all impacted by our belief system.  When we hear a new idea, or another person’s opinion, we filter that  information based on our beliefs and only absorb the information that best matches our own belief system. Learning to open yourself to new beliefs, and new understandings helps in accepting others and ourselves.

Meditation can be a great way to learn to focus as well as open yourself to new possibilities, and entertain new beliefs.

My friend, Laura Allard of Plain Jane Ink here in Winnipeg, offers life coaching as well as meditation classes.  I have asked her to explain how meditation can help us understand what we really want, need, and how to stay focused on those possibilities.

“Thanks ever so much Sherry, I love the topic of this post!
One of my favorite Meditation Mentors, Sharon Salzberg has been known to say that it is a brave person who adopts a meditation practice, and these words could not be more true!
A regular Meditation can at once be an unveiling and unraveling of our true authentic selves, a way to ground and root us in who we are at our very core.
When we undertake sitting with our thoughts daily, we question what our minds tell us and decipher what feels right, what resonates with us right inside our hearts.
This opens us up to deeper and further reaching visualization and connection to our core beliefs as we acknowledge and accept the new standards that are being unearthed in us. It puts smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts as we finally see and feel what is right and true FOR OURSELVES…not society, not our parents or spouses or best friends, US….how beautiful is that?”
Thanks Laura, I especially connect with the understanding of when we take the time to be still, to be quiet within ourselves, so much can be revealed!
I also have recently  been introduced to my ego. Now your ego is not just the voice inside that tells you all the great things about yourself, it’s also your belief system.  The ego is the constant chatter in your head that drowns out all the other parts of ourselves.  We spend so much time listening to our ego that we can end up missing out on other perspectives and experiences.

I have another wonderful friend Dr. Karen Litinsky Mpsy.D. who has created a program called the “Ego-less System”.  Through this program you can learn how to recognize and then turn down the volume of your ego.  I’ve asked Karen to explain a little more about the program and what you can gain by learning this process.

Here is what Karen had to say:

Despite the common interpretation of the narcissistic maucho-man “ego” definition – the ego really is much more than that. In fact, everyone has an ego – even those humble sweet folk. Let me take a moment to explain; the ego is your ME Factor that is based on all of your conditioning that translates your experience of life into thoughts…and lots of thoughts – non-stop thoughts actually. And we have become so accustomed to these endless thoughts that most people don’t even realize that they are not their thinker.

EgoYou are not your thoughts. You are not your ego.

When we start to grasp this magnificent reality, we naturally un-velcro ourselves from the limitations and struggles of ego-mind. It’s amazing just how much our egos hold us back and keep us in the same unproductive cycles in our life. One of the valued Ego-Less members described this epiphany as “the anchor I didn’t know was holding back my boat”. Ego awareness and ego-less work has helped so many people get to the root of their resistance and start recreating their life from the inside out – from members loosing over 40 pounds to members quitting their job to successfully follow their passions. Once we start to unplug ourselves from our ego-mind, we really develop the wings of freedom.

All your ego knows is your past and holds on to your old patterns, beliefs, and comfort zones with a death grip. Your ego is your unconscious resistance to change. But don’t you worry my friend, you are not your ego and your mind is very pliable and can be completely reprogrammed with affirmation, meditation, visualization, and ego-less techniques. This is the beauty about ego-less work! It’s a lot of work I must add, but it is incredible life changing work with astronomical rewards.

My challenge for you is this; try to detach yourself from your thoughts – just a little bit every day and just see what perceptive shifts start to take place. Also, take the time to write your goals down, prioritize reviewing them, create a vision/focus board with inspiring pictures and affirmations and meditate on it regularly (daily if possible). And if you want to take your ego-less practice to the next level I highly recommend joining the rest of us on the Ego-Less System – where you will follow a proven infrastructure jam-packed with powerful Ego-Less meditations, exercises, techniques and self discovery workshops that will literally blow your mind and reshape your world.

Life is truly what we make of it, take the pen into your own hands and re-write your story without the ceilings of your conditioned ego – you will surely be dumbfounded by your own power;)

You can contact Karen for more info here at

Thank you Karen for your input into this article.  I believe first by even just beginning with recognizing your ego and exactly how busy it keeps us distracted from our true selves and true potential is a great start!

Change is good!  Keep experiencing, keep living to the fullest, and most importantly keep yourself open to new ideas and understandings, you never know where they may lead and what you will learn about yourself!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Article written by Sherry Sobey