Episode 10 – Amelia MacDougal: Connecting With Nature For Our Health

We all know the benefits being in nature offers us.  Even just visualizing a warm sunny day, can evoke a feeling of warmth, of nurturing or of peace within.  Why then do we not go there first for healing, for stress release, or reconnecting and grounding.

We have this beautiful gift of nature that we don’t necessarily utilize for our healing.  Amelia MacDougal is the founder of Seeds Of Love Creations and is passionate about guiding us all to reconnect, to allow ourselves to be open and instinctively led to finding our medicine in nature.

My passion for healing through nature was sparked while I was working as a pharmacist, as my eyes were opened, through both my personal experience and that of the people I was caring for, to the widespread impact of stress in our lives, and the failure of our medical system to truly make us well.

Be sure to also check out the upcoming “Outdoor Nature Mandala” workshop with Seeds of Creations.

In this workshop you will learn how to tap into your intuitive flow of inspiration and create your own nature ritual, setting the foundation for developing your own unique practice for connection and pathway to spiritual growth.  More information and registration link can be found here.




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