Episode 12 – Alison Ritchie: Earth & Birth Worker

In an attempt to describe Alison Ritchie of Grand Voyage Herbals and Sacred Pregnancy , one word that kept coming into my mind was “nurturer”.  Spending time with this beautiful woman is like being wrapped in the warmest of embrace.  She simply oozes authentic love for the earth, for the beauty in the world, for the magic in herbs and for the birth of life.

Alison Ritchie describes herself as a homesteader, herbalist, pregnancy educator, wellness enthusiast, gardener, doula, wife and mother.  It is in nature, specifically getting her hands into the dirt that she found her purpose and her calling in this world.  Alison easily recognized the connection to her other passion of supporting women as they prepared for birth, and then caring and supporting them after.

As with pregnancy and birth, the nurturing required in planting a seed, caring and protecting it as it grows is not something Alison takes lightly.  She has made it her lifework and wants to remind us of these remarkable, extraordinary gifts.

Her newest venture is simply the joining of these two passions to create a line of therapeutic herbal products called Grand Voyage Herbals.  She has also recently opened a location at 5-113 Marion Street where she offers these products as well as classes and workshops.

We hope you enjoy this episode and that you get to know Alison a little more.



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