Episode 14 – The Fertility Awareness Project

Nathalie Daudet of The Fertility Awareness Project is pretty passionate about all things related to cycles, menstrual cycles that is! She became so fascinated with it that she dove in to learn all she could in hopes of teaching others.

Fertility is not just about making babies,  it’s about your health! – Nathalie Daudet


Nathalie is a certified fertility awareness educator with FEMM (Fertility Education & Medical Management) and a social worker.

Women’s health is her specialty and she loves talking about it in hopes of empowering women.  She encourages women to get to know their bodies for the sake of their health and to better understand what is going on at any given time during their monthly cycle.

We talk about cervical mucus, basal body temperature, becoming your own health advocate and understanding that there are options to synthetic hormones for birth control.

Nathalie offers a few different ways to connect if you want to learn more, through events and workshops and online.  Check out her website for more information and start taking control!


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