Episode 15 – Age; Just A State Of Mind & A Number

Come have a listen as Sherry, Pam & Alison have a conversation about a growing concern called “Ageism”

If you are unaware of this term, Ageism is a type of discrimination or prejudgment against aging or elderly people and their capabilities.

This type of discrimination can be especially evident in the workplace. Many adults try to re-enter the workforce after either being home raising a family, or perhaps even wanting to change careers.  They can be met with judgment of their competency or viewed as having had their time!

The attitudes and stereotypes about aging are formed I believe on our personal experiences and interactions with aging people.  If you had great experiences with aging family members it will definitely be easier than those that have simply formed opinions based on what others believe.

With a little examination of our thoughts and beliefs around aging, we can perhaps try to be aware of when we allow the prejudgment to take over and help minimize the belief.

Here are a couple of ideas to help limit assumptions and change the belief:

  1. Think of yourself aging.  What if you were still on a path of discovery and growth and then being told you can’t do the things you desire?
  2. Try interacting with aging people. You might just discover a fountain of resourceful knowledge!
  3. Show gratitude for those that have paved the way or passed on their skills.
  4. Finally, treat those as you will want to be treated when you are where they are.  Think how at every age you know the number has changed, you may even be starting to show the appearance of aging, but usually you still feel like the same ol’ you on the inside which leads me to believe age is just a number!

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