Episode 16 – Your Body Talks To You, Are You Listening?

Karen Litinsky & Maureen Brouwer of Paradise Of Reality know bodies, know pain and maybe even more importantly, they also know there is much more going on behind the scenes!

Paradise Of Reality is located at 210-383 Provencher Blvd, and offers a variety of services such as; massage therapy, energy work, reiki, holistic therapies, physiotherapy and inner well-being therapy.  What they also don’t list on their menu of services is compassion, acceptance, comfort and understanding.  I have personally been on the receiving end of the services offered and can speak to those truthfully!

Our bodies are talking to us and as Karen explains,  there can be great wisdom in our pain, but unfortunately we are not always listening or perhaps we are not ready to hear yet.  Maureen believes in listening to what perhaps is not being said, and as a talk therapist, knows pain that is deeply rooted needs a little coaxing. Between her talk therapy and physiotherapy approach, healing can begin here.

The other area that Karen is passionate about and has worked a decade to understand is the ego mind.  A metaphysical psychology background has led her to create a program called the “ego-less system” all in an effort to help others gain control over ego’s thoughts, distractions, stories & excuses in order to live with complete happiness and inner peace.

At Paradise of Reality, collectively they can assist with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Be sure to check out the open “Tea Time Talks” and other workshops/classes.


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