Episode 17 – Divine Light Therapies: Restoring, Rebalancing & Realigning

What a joy it was to sit and chat with energy healer Samantha Sawatzky of Divine Light Therapies.  Sam has such a warm glow about her, a lightness, and I would go as far to say an “angelic” aura about her!

It’s no surprise to hear her story of being innocently led to a calling of healing others.  Samantha’s approach is one that looks at the whole person; the mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual.  Offering services that include crystals, sound therapy, toning, essential oils, shamanic healing, Reiki and energy healing.

All of these modalities are used to create a healing experience to help remove blockages, traumas, and disharmony within the body systems.

Since this podcast taping I was able to visit Samantha for some energy healing, with my chakra alignment the focus. For this session, crystals were placed on the seven chakras: the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root all with intention of of getting the energy centers to align & flow properly.  Sam then worked her magic which also included some aromatherapy and sound therapy.

I definitely felt the energies, experienced some emotional movement and almost a clearness in thinking is how I might best describe.  The most beautiful part though is the warmth, understanding and feeling of genuine care is the possibly the best way I can describe.

I also would totally encourage you to check out the different workshops and ceremonies Divine Light offers. These are powerful!



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