Episode 18 – Made Beauty Co: Beyond The Surface

I always find it fascinating to hear someone tell their story, to explain how they got to where they are and then when their passion starts to speak you know they are meant to do something big!

Owner and makeup artist Nancy Dutiaume of Made Beauty Co is definitely passionate.  She’s passionate not only about makeup and the artistry involved, but also bringing out the beauty from within!  The beauty that we maybe aren’t seeing for ourselves but perhaps needs a little coaxing out with a tool she uses calls “confidence”.  It’s through confidence that beauty radiates and Nancy is on a mission to hand that tool to every woman she meets!

Nancy offers workshops on clean beauty, makeup tips and tricks and of course her and her team of mobile artists are available for any event that you might require a full glamover!

In addition to this, Nancy is one of the hosts of a new podcast that recently launched called “Version 5” , a podcast about five women changing the narrative within our communities through love.

Stay tuned for upcoming collaborations!!


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