Episode 20 – Ready To See What Grows

Hello WIldflower friends!

This is the end of Season 1 for Generation Green’s Wildflower Project!

This first season was our “seed planting” time where we set the intention to “CONNECT”, and that was exactly what we did!  Not only on the podcast but more ourselves personally!  Amazing how intention setting creates action!

We will be taking the next couple months to work on our ideas for Season 2, which will include a new addition to our format as we work on “watering those planted seeds” with the new intention set…the “GROW” portion of our Wildflower plan!  We are really exited about the possibilities to come, especially working with the growth intention as our focus.  Little sneak peek about what’s to come is mentioned in this sign off episode, so come have a listen!

As you will also hear in this episode, we have planned a final workshop for the season with the lovely, singer/songwriter Sheena  Grobb who we chatted with in episode 19.  All the details about this upcoming workshop and how to register can be found at this link.

We hope you are able to do some wonderful blooming over the summer from the seeds you may have also planted and we look forward to all the wonderful possibilities to come.


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