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Anniversary Clearance Event October 19-25th

IMG_1877We have just celebrated our 3rd Anniversary at the Forks and were going to just let it slide by but I couldn’t just do that!

I practice gratitude on a daily basis and Generation Green is something I say thanks for each and every day.  I am so fortunate to have a job I love, amazing customers that have been so loyal and supportive, and the best team of staff that I can totally depend on! Those are all great reasons in my opinion to celebrate!

So we have decided to have a little fun by offering select items that will be discounted at the till.  All the items that have a green dot on them will be part of the discount.  When you come to cash out, you will draw a ticket that will then give you your discount.  This can be anywhere from 15-50% off the regular price and you could even draw a “FREE” ticket which would mean all of those items are free!

The event is for the entire week of October 19th-25th or until we run out of green dot items 😉