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Ah..ah..Aromatherapy for ah..ah..Allergy Season

Yes, it’s time again to behold the beauty of spring. While the sight of bright green leaves ready to unfurl can awaken the heart and excite the mind, the suggestion of pollens in the air can cause stress to the allergy prone.

Aromatherapy is a safe and effective way to take the edge off of the body’s hyper reaction to the plants in bloom around us. Using essential oils by simply smelling them out of the bottle or mixed in a diffuser will provide the body will an aromatic stream of botanical chemistry that can be used to soothe the mind and relax the body. Here are two blends that may be helpful to the allergy sufferer in the house, and certainly pleasurable to everyone else, sneezers and breathers alike.

For Daytime Use –  

This stimulating blend will liquefy mucous and soothe tension. With its anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory action, one can expect relief from sneezing, wheezing and headaches. There is also the added bonus of an anti-fungal action here, from the lemongrass, that can really help to clean the air.

2 drops peppermint 

4 drops rosemary

6 drops lemongrass


For Night time Use –

Often times people think they are congested when in fact they are swollen. The anti inflammatory effect of the frankincense in this blend can do wonders for relieving the pressure in the sinuses and help to relax the whole being. Useful day or night, this blend will not interfere with a good night’s sleep.

2 drops eucalyptus

4 drops lavender

6 drops frankincense

Diluted in a good quality carrier oil can make these diffuser blends useful as a rub, either on dry or in the shower or bath. And you could try sitting with a towel over head, while the oils evaporate from a bowl of steaming water.

Try the above proportions in 15 ml (a tablespoon) of coconut oil. If you are new to aromatherapy, test a small patch on the  skin first, for safety and comfort. Never use essential oils undiluted on the skin, they are highly concentrated and more effective in dilution. And always always always keep them well out of reach of children.

Every year in May, the phone at Hollow Reed starts to ring with questions of allergy relief.  Of course, one must take responsibility to reduce the amount of mucous in the body by eliminating mucous forming foods such as dairy and gluten. However, many people need to make an extra effort to stay on top of the environmental impositions to their human form.

I am always excited to share with people the benefits of adaptogens, such as Chaga Mushroom. In assisting the natural inclination to adaptation, we can support our bodies while they go about their business in a world beyond our control.

We can also get great relief and pleasure from taking a few cups of Hollow Reed’s Nettle Nourishment Tea several times a day when the lovely trees and flowers of concern are in bloom. Nettle is a natural anti-histamine, and the nourishing quality of this tea adds strength and support to get through the weeks ahead.

Nancy Hall III is co-owner and operator of the Hollow Reed Holistic Centre. She is available for private consultations, and to teach at house parties and wellness events.

Popular and Hard To Find Items

Along with the basics, Generation Green is loaded with unique and specialty items. You wouldn’t believe how many times customers come to the till saying “I’ve been looking for this everywhere!” or “This works amazingly!”. So here’s a little blurb about some items I hear about the most from costumers or that are exclusive to Winnipeg at Generation Green.

TSFPThat Stuff For Pain

Made in Selkirk, Manitoba, That Stuff for Pain is a natural pain relief made with a blend of menthol and essential oils. Despite some popular belief, menthol is totally safe to use is cosmetics and only rates a 1 in the Skin Deep database at ewg.org. Customers so regularly come by and just rave about how well it works! Even people with chronic pain who have seen a doctor for years find relief from it. And just this week we are finally able to give refills of it! If you bring your container back for a refill you get 10% off (and double green points!).

TongsBamboo Tongs

A majority of our kitchen utensils and supplies are made of bamboo. Bamboo is an incredibly efficient self-sustaining resource growing back waaaay faster than trees, meanwhile while providing 35% more oxygen. There are tons of more benefits to bamboo you can read online! We carry 3 sizes of bamboo tongs at the store, our most popular being our mini tongs. We sell many of these in one day a lot of people saying they use them to pull toast and pop-tarts out of their toasters and just today I had a customer tell me he had been looking for something for this “forever”! They have tons of other funky uses if you get creative! They can also be great for serving snacks to a group of people or for a to-go homemade lunch!

GlydeVegan and Natural Condoms

We sell Glyde condoms here at generation green… these are exclusive to our store in Winnipeg! We stocked these after we realized how tough it is to find an eco-friendly condom. Glyde condoms are fairly made with natural latex, free from casein, talc, and other chemicals! They strongly emphasise their fair labor and sustainable cultivation. Most condoms found in drugstores are chalk full of chemicals, unfair labour, or animal testing. Be consistent in your natural life and take it all the way to bed!


ganeshasbulkincenseNatural Incense

Our Ganesha’s Garden incense is one of our top-selling products every month! Ganesha’s Garden makes all natural incense. Most incense you would buy somewhere else is full of fragrances and I’ve even heard the shed can be made out of animal dung and all types of random things! This causes for an overpowering and headache-inducing smell along with a smoky black burn. Our Ganesha incense’s shed is botanically based made from dried up wood shed from different kinds of trees and scented with only essential oils; this causes the smoke to burn a white-grey color and the smell to be gentle.


ChagaChaga is a unique type of mushroom with all kinds of amazing health benefits. It is unique from other mushrooms as it is quite dense. Chaga is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth and is actually referred to in Chinese culture as “King of Plants”, which is saying a lot considering their use of all types of plant and herbal remedies. Chaga is a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-stress, anti-aging, anti-bacterial. It is good for your digestive system and even works in preventing cancer. We sell it as tea in chunks and ground (which you reuse 3-5 times), or there is an option of buying it as a tincture. So no matter what it is you’re struggling with… Chaga would probably help! You can read more on the benefits of Chaga here.

images-4Swell Bottles

Swell bottles fly off the shelves at Generation Green! They recently came out with tons of new, fun styles which we have stocked in store.  Swell bottles are not only popular for their chic look, but Swell actually plants a tree for every bottle sold and donates parts of their sales to organizations that provide clean water to countries that are lacking. Swell is made with a special thermal technology so it keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours (and it really does!). Like the label says its “sophisticated enough for the boardroom and tough enough for a mountain hike”.

Article written by: Savannah Costen