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Look who stopped by…

Mr. Phillip Adam himself!

Phillip Adam
Phillip Adam

Originally from Winnipeg, and the creator of an apple cider vinegar based hair and body line, know simply as Phillip Adam.

Phillip Adam now resides and manufacturers his line of products in Vancouver, Canada.

When I asked him how it all began, he simply stated that his grandmother had once told him the benefits of apple cider vinegar for hair and skin, and he tucked away that info until a time came, and he saw the need to create a healthier line of products.  He is very forthcoming about the ingredients used in his products, and lists them all here on his website.

Having worked in the hair industry for almost 50 years, he knew what would be a great formulation for hair.  Once that proved to be a success he continued on with a body wash and body lotion.  Of course the possibilities are endless once you have a quality base, and he is now just launching a new scent “Verbena Sage”, which I was gifted a sample of and can tell you it smells fabulous!

photo1-10We also spoke about my severely dry hair, that I can only wash twice a week (in the pic you can see I am on the day before washing is due, alas up in a hair clip and not looking great!).  Phillip gave me a sample of his “Thirsty Hair Conditioner” and the result was amazing! See for yourself, my locks were not frizzy and felt super soft!

Whether you have colour treated hair or not, this vinegar based line works because it adjusts the PH level, leaving you with squeaky clean, well moisturized hair and skin!

You can find Phillip Adam’s line at Generation Green or here at our online store.