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New Product – The Renaissance Body Glove

I don’t know about you, but Winnipeg winters take a toll on my skin, and some days no matter how much I moisturize I’m still bothered by dry, itchy skin!

There’s a new solution…introducing The Renaissance Body Glove!

Made of vegetable cellulose material that is derived from eucalyptus and spruce trees. The microscopic woven fibres will help tone and regenerate your skin.
You can use the Renaissance Body Glove every day with a shower gel, or once a week with water, for a complete exfoliation that will rid the skin of dead cells while promoting blood circulation and oxygenation.

  • Eliminates dead cells
  • Oxygenates the skin
  • Active microcirculation loosens ingrown hairs & makes waxing more efficient
  • Softens the skin
  • Facilitates penetration of creams
  • Promotes an even tan
  • Complements any treatment of acne and skin diseases

The Body Glove also comes with an accessory made of the same materials that can be used for the face or the feet,  making it a product that great for men to use prior to shaving.

Winter Itch, it’s a…B#?!@


Dry skin is horrible to deal with at the best of times, but there really is something different about dry skin in the winter months, hence the name “Winter Itch”.

You know the symptoms, red, flaky, and dry skin that you scratch till you bleed!

The primary difference with just regular dry skin, is that we are having to deal with extreme cold weather, (especially if you live in Manitoba!) and then going in to our heated homes.

For people who have an existing skin condition, such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, or dandruff, winter weather can make it even worse.  It’s actually the only time of year that I have to deal with eczema.

The dry air that we are dealing with, actually pulls a lot of the moisture out of our skin.  Think about when you go somewhere hot and then come back to the cold weather, instant prune! So the trick is adding moisture and keeping that moisture locked in!

Here are some suggestions to help you manage:

  • Adding a humidifier is helpful of course, as this will put some moisture back into the air in your home.  Also, lower the thermostat.
  • Limit bathing, (add sponge baths instead,) and as good as it may feel, cut out the long, hot showers!
  • Exfoliate! Use either, or even better both, a body brush and body scrubs (we stock both).
  • Be careful of what your washing your skin with, conventional soap can be very drying.
  • Lock in the moisture by using products that contain quality oils and ingredients.
  • Pat your skin dry, don’t rub, and then add moisturizer immediately to lock it in.
  • Drink liquids! keep yourself hydrated from the inside/out.
  • Protect your skin when going out by covering it well.

A couple of my local suppliers have also offered the following information:

Kim from Virgina’s Soap Deli:soap deli logo

“One of our customers summed it up for us:  “When I  began to use your handmade soap, after a while I noticed I went from using 1  gallon of lotion to using a 1/2 a cup of lotion.”
Why? Because true or handmade soap is different than a detergent based soap.
We make our handmade soap using the cold batch process, and choose the highest quality pure skin-loving oils, like olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable oils and avocado oil. 
The glycerin is left in (a natural humectant that draws  moisture to it & your skin) our handmade soap. This will help give you  a fabulous cleanser and a moisturizer in one.
 And then many of our handmade soaps are “super fatted” (super-enriched) with additional oils that are  literally suspended in the soap and applied directly to the skin while bathing, making it even more emollient. 

Try a bar and you will see, handmade true soap, offers many unique benefits for your  skin.”

Lana from Made For Skin had this to offer:

“Using moisturizers with quality oils – such as Hemp Seed, Avocado, Grapeseed and JoJoba, are great at moisturizing the skin during the winter months. The cold-pressed oils in our lotions like the Total Body Butter and our Hand and Body Lotion work to absorb, moisturize and heal.  Hands and Feet benefit from moisturizers with Bee’s Wax to add a protective barrier (like the Natural Skin Balm).
Moisturizing with Total Body Butter when your fresh out of a warm bath, or shower is great because it soaks in and leaves a silky, soft feel and it stays with you all day long”.

About Total Body Butter:

total body butter Cold-pressed oils retain their healing properties and helps Nourish Your Skin. This is a rich, whipped body butter enriched with both Vitamins E and C to Help fight premature aging. A terrific mix of Cocoa butter and Shea butter to get things started…blended together with Japanese Green Tea. This product fits the bill for people who just love the rich feel of body  butter and are looking for a skin care product that is silky, non-greasy and effective and moisturizing all-over.

About Natural Skin Balm:

Skin BalmRestore, moisturize and heal your skin. Long lasting absorbing formula that restores moisture to the driest skin! For hands, feet – whatever.A blend of soya bean, sunflower and grapeseed natural oils combined with  aloe vera and chamomile topped off with one of nature’s best – Bee’s  Wax.

Do your hands feel like there is no hope? What about cracked heels? This is a perfect remedy for those areas that never seem  to heal. Our natural skin balm can be used for hands, feet, and elbows.  It also works wonderfully as a stretch mark cream, gardener’s hand cream and as a winter heavy duty skin barrier.

***Created from a Doctor’s formula that has worked for over 60 years. Created, tested and worked in Winnipeg Winters!***”

Product Spotlight for Dry Skin

This week we have had many inquiries about what “natural” products we have, that can help with severely dry skin.

With another Winnipeg winter quickly approaching, this is definitely something to be concerned about. Moisturizing and protecting your skin from harsh winds and cold is a must.

My recommendations have been the NATURAL SKIN BALM from Made for Skin.

Natural Skin Balm

Made in Manitoba, Natural Skin Balm is called “the quintessential all-in-one skin balm” by the developer of this product.

With a luxurious blend of soya bean, sunflower and grape seed natural oils combined with aloe vera, chamomile and bees-wax, this formula will restore moisture to the driest of skin!

So those of you who have tried and tried every product on the market, look no further, hope is here!

Not limited to just hands, feet and elbows, this balm also works wonderfully as a stretch mark cream, gardener’s hand cream and as a winter heavy-duty skin barrier.

Come visit Generation Green at The Forks to experience natural skin products that really work!