Don’t Be On Nature’s Naughty List!

Season’s Greetings! Here are a few little reasons why shopping locally is the greatest idea this holiday season.

Whether you’re a last-minute shopper or year ahead-prepper, shopping locally is always the most cost efficient choice. Benefits include:

Less travel! You’re not only doing a favor for the environment by reducing pollution, but you’re also saving a shiny dollar on fuel!

Hold the shipping, please! By purchasing local products, there are no shipping fees! Hurray! Bring on the savings!

Unique, one-of-a-kind items found nowhere but here. Beautiful hand crafted jewelry, pottery, soaps, and clothing! All can be found in my favorite niches of the city (farmer’s markets, Eco-friendly specialist stores, and artisan shops!) You’re guaranteed to find that perfect gift for your friends and family… and a few things for yourself, of course!

Like a true community, you’re a family. Families support each other. By giving back to your community, you’re allowing small businesses the opportunity to grow. In return, they can provide more, and better services to you! Local entrepreneurs that are appreciated prove to be more likely to stay within the neighborhood and contribute more to the community: e.g. donating to charities, buying from fellow locals.

Let’s wrap this up!

Every year, as soon as I get home, it clicks. I’ve forgotten the wrapping paper! Since I’m a last-minute shopper, there’s no way I will make it through the mass traffic of Christmas Eve and return to the store, so I must resort to what there is at home.

  1. If you’re lucky, there might be some wrapping paper leftover from last year. Perhaps even some gift bags you haven’t thrown out?
  2. Last year, I found old cardboard molds that a TV came in, and I used them to wrap up a couple of gifts for steal-a-gift! No one could figure out what was inside. Can you think of any nifty ways to hide a gift?
  3. Save old boxes over the year and reuse them instead of gift wrap. Cardboard boxes: Masters of Disguise, Christmas Edition. 
  4. One thing I’ve found helpful is newspaper. Yes, newspaper. Those bundles of gray paper we get in the mail that collect dust in a corner somewhere in the house. The things we sometimes use to clean up after the puppy when he has one of his accidents in the living room. We’re going to use that as wrapping paper! (No, no! Not that one! Put the wet paper down!)
  5. Wrapping paper vs Newspaper. What do they have in common? They’re both paper! Sure newspaper lacks the luster and magic of wrapping paper, but isn’t going to the landfill afterward? By reusing and recycling paper (and any other items) around your home, you’re ensuring your name won’t be on Nature’s Naughty list. what to do when your bored doing homework creative writing scheme of work ks3 tes solution to case study norvasc and viagra how to write a research paper in an hour source link follow link i needsomeone help on my lab report editing resume race and ethnicity essay 1 algebra homework help at algebra com honesty is the best policy essay in 200 words professional homework editor website online phd thesis format by ugc websites for writing college essays click here follow source follow see url write and essay Article written by guest blogger, Judith MacFarlane