Spring Cleaning Your Mind

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Photo by Photokanok

I always love a new year & I especially love Spring! It’s like a fresh page in a notebook, a chance to really think about what I would like my story to look like.

Of course things don’t always go as planned, which is also about perspective, but I do think it’s good to spend some time outlining possible changes, new directions, reflect on what has worked, what hasn’t, and set some goals.

Visualizing the life you want is part of the process! You have to know what you want in order to achieve it. Vision boards or even journals are great tools to use! Writing out words, statements, quotes, and adding photos to vision boards, then taking time to sit with them, keep those ideas alive, remind yourself what you really want out of life, or even better help change some belief systems that don’t serve you well.  This is an area that I am constantly working on!

Our belief systems are created by all the things we see, hear, and experience. Unfortunately some beliefs can have very negative impacts in our life.  Self image, self-worth, personal potential, and how we perceive and accept others are all impacted by our belief system.  When we hear a new idea, or another person’s opinion, we filter that  information based on our beliefs and only absorb the information that best matches our own belief system. Learning to open yourself to new beliefs, and new understandings helps in accepting others and ourselves.

Meditation can be a great way to learn to focus as well as open yourself to new possibilities, and entertain new beliefs.

My friend, Laura Allard of Plain Jane Ink here in Winnipeg, offers life coaching as well as meditation classes.  I have asked her to explain how meditation can help us understand what we really want, need, and how to stay focused on those possibilities.

One of my favorite Meditation Mentors, Sharon Salzberg has been known to say that it is a brave person who adopts a meditation practice, and these words could not be more true!
A regular Meditation can at once be an unveiling and unraveling of our true authentic selves, a way to ground and root us in who we are at our very core.
When we undertake sitting with our thoughts daily, we question what our minds tell us and decipher what feels right, what resonates with us right inside our hearts.

This opens us up to deeper and further reaching visualization and connection to our core beliefs as we acknowledge and accept the new standards that are being unearthed in us. It puts smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts as we finally see and feel what is right and true FOR OURSELVES…not society, not our parents or spouses or best friends, US….how beautiful is that?”
Thanks Laura, I especially connect with the understanding of when we take the time to be still, to be quiet within ourselves, so much can be revealed!
I also have recently  been introduced to my ego. Now your ego is not just the voice inside that tells you all the great things about yourself, it’s also your belief system.  The ego is the constant chatter in your head that drowns out all the other parts of ourselves.  We spend so much time listening to our ego that we can end up missing out on other perspectives and experiences.

I have another wonderful friend Dr. Karen Litinsky Mpsy.D. who has created a program called the “Ego-less System”.  Through this program you can learn how to recognize and then turn down the volume of your ego.  I’ve asked Karen to explain a little more about the program and what you can gain by learning this process.

Here is what Karen had to say:

Despite the common interpretation of the narcissistic maucho-man “ego” definition – the ego really is much more than that. In fact, everyone has an ego – even those humble sweet folk. Let me take a moment to explain; the ego is your ME Factor that is based on all of your conditioning that translates your experience of life into thoughts…and lots of thoughts – non-stop thoughts actually. And we have become so accustomed to these endless thoughts that most people don’t even realize that they are not their thinker.

EgoYou are not your thoughts. You are not your ego.

When we start to grasp this magnificent reality, we naturally un-velcro ourselves from the limitations and struggles of ego-mind. It’s amazing just how much our egos hold us back and keep us in the same unproductive cycles in our life. One of the valued Ego-Less members described this epiphany as “the anchor I didn’t know was holding back my boat”. Ego awareness and ego-less work has helped so many people get to the root of their resistance and start recreating their life from the inside out – from members loosing over 40 pounds to members quitting their job to successfully follow their passions. Once we start to unplug ourselves from our ego-mind, we really develop the wings of freedom.

All your ego knows is your past and holds on to your old patterns, beliefs, and comfort zones with a death grip. Your ego is your unconscious resistance to change. But don’t you worry my friend, you are not your ego and your mind is very pliable and can be completely reprogrammed with affirmation, meditation, visualization, and ego-less techniques. This is the beauty about ego-less work! It’s a lot of work I must add, but it is incredible life changing work with astronomical rewards.

My challenge for you is this; try to detach yourself from your thoughts – just a little bit every day and just see what perceptive shifts start to take place. Also, take the time to write your goals down, prioritize reviewing them, create a vision/focus board with inspiring pictures and affirmations and meditate on it regularly (daily if possible). And if you want to take your ego-less practice to the next level I highly recommend joining the rest of us on the Ego-Less System – where you will follow a proven infrastructure jam-packed with powerful Ego-Less meditations, exercises, techniques and self discovery workshops that will literally blow your mind and reshape your world.

Life is truly what we make of it, take the pen into your own hands and re-write your story without the ceilings of your conditioned ego – you will surely be dumbfounded by your own power;)

You can contact Karen for more info here at www.ego-less.me

Thank you Karen for your input into this article.  I believe first by even just beginning with recognizing your ego and exactly how busy it keeps us distracted from our true selves and true potential is a great start!

Change is good!  Keep experiencing, keep living to the fullest, and most importantly keep yourself open to new ideas and understandings, you never know where they may lead and what you will learn about yourself!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Article written by Sherry Sobey