Connecting to Mother Earth

I have always felt the most present when in nature. I have also found that being in nature is the easiest way to find inspiration, or answers, that I may have been searching for. Ever since my childhood days of laying in the grass – watching the clouds move and form into shapes, to attempts at gardening or walks on the beach, I’ve known it is something necessary in my life.

When I heard about “earthing,” it made some sense – as essentially it is connecting our bodies with the electrical energy of the earth. Like energizer batteries for our bodies, that can keep us going, keep our charge, and basically optimize our health by making us feel better. However, as with many “natural remedies” it is often met with skepticism. Many will agree there are electrons coming from the earth, but that they are do nothing special as far as helping us with our health.

Perhaps skepticism comes because products have been made that claim to create that earthing effect, such as earthing mats, bands, or sheets – and it is meant to discredit them.

Whether those products work or not, I’m not sure! But I wouldn’t dismiss the benefits that come from eliminating barriers between us and the earth and its energy.  It’s undeniable when you think about walking barefoot in the grass and how great it feels, not only on your feet, but also how it affects your mood!  There have been studies that show a benefit to walking barefoot everyday, in eliminating some stress, anxiety, and even physical pain. Why couldn’t that be from the earth’s energy?  We are, in fact, made up of energy and therefore benefit from sourcing any that we can, directly from the earth.

We always create barriers between ourselves and the earth with everyday things. Such as rubber soled shoes, or just being cooped up indoors.  How much barrier-free time do we really spend connecting to mother earth? Being considered the “indoor generation” is not surprising.  Between work, school, being connected to technology, and sleeping, how much time are we connecting to the earth?

Winter is especially difficult for those us that know the benefits of walking barefoot or digging in the dirt. So what can be done to connect?

Some of my searches gave me the suggestion that winter is a time for planning and contemplation. So things like meditation, and visualization, or connecting to other elements such as fire or water – via a fireplace, candle flame, or warm bath with epsom salts.  There was also a suggestion to indulge in organic root vegetables to connect to the ground!  I also think maybe connecting with other people, to exchange energy can be helpful.

If all else fails, take a trip, if you are able to, somewhere warm where you can kick off your shoes and allow mother earth to care for you the way she knows best.