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Winners of our Mothers Day Contest are….


Colleen Rose & Mother ***

My Mom’s birthday is May 2nd the day this contest closes, so firstly what a nice surprise that would be to win on her birthday. My Mom is awesome.
My Mom is the anchor that keeps our family grounded. Her creativity and giving spirit always inspired me growing up and helped shape the woman I am today. She fostered in me a spirit of volunteerism and to taught me to share my gifts with others and to see and appreciate the beauty in nature.
My Mom is always there’s to listen and really taught me to see the good in others and that everyone has something to contribute. The most important thing she taught me is that the most important things in life are not things but the relationships you build and nurture.
My Mom always puts others first and to pamper her would be a special treat that I would love to share with her. My Mom really is my heart.

Pam Pullen & Daughter Stephanie ***

In my daughter’s eyes I can see the reflection of who I am. Stephanie is caring, kind, funny, hard working, sensitive, smart and a great Mom.
We talk all the time and still cry when we see those M&M’s candy commercials. I have so many happy memories when she was growing up. The outside water fights that ended in the house, the great April fools jokes, taping of the sprayer on the kitchen sink. the surprise raw egg or plastic spiders drop from the ice maker. My surprise breakfast in bed of banana and jam sandwich. Every time I make French toast I remember the first time mixing the eggs and lifting the fork saying it looks like snot. We still have a little snicker.
She has such a big heart, raising two orphan squirrels she found, and rehabilitated them back into the wildlife.
We camp together and she is the official leach and tick remover, still to date.
Now she’s grown and raising a family of her own. I see she is teaching my grand kids with the same values we taught her. To love life, laugh lots and be yourself. Enjoy everyday. I was so blessed to be at the birth of her children. My grand kids.
She started off nestled under my heart, and she will always be there.
When I’m gone she’ll know how happy she makes me and I’ll always be in my daughters eyes.

Michelle H & Mother ***

My mom is the best for many reasons:

– she’s a single parent who is very loving and caring; always going that extra mile to help my brother, sister and I out with various aspects of our lives (everything from helping type up school projects on a typewriter back in elementary school, to encouraging me to achieve my goal of becoming a Biologist)

– even though our budget was tight, she promised and eventually took me to Disneyland – surprising me when I was 18 years old with a suitcase at my bedroom door (meeting Mickey Mouse with her was truly priceless)

– although she’s an accountant, she raised tropical fish as a hobby with me growing up (I went on to complete my degree in Biology). We bred freshwater fish and even had 14 aquariums in our basement – all because I wanted to save the baby fish that were being born

– she’s a great role model and always taught me to be polite, work hard and give back to the community. She also taught me the importance of helping others in need and having a positive attitude in life. She even helped me nurse some baby birds back to health – ones that were injured were often brought by neighbours to our house, as I was known as the ‘neighbourhood bird whisperer’.

Thanks so much for this opportunity to win. We really appreciate it!


Congratulations to you all! We will send you the details by email but you have all won a professional, toxic-free makeover with Kristen from Pure Anada Cosmetics, Mini Manicures with Pure Anada’s new line of  Nail Polishes, Gift Bags with green goodies from Generation Green, Pure Anada, Gift certificates from The Forks Market & more!  We can’t wait to pamper you & help you celebrate the wonderful bond of mother & daughter.

Mother’s Day Contest

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and while there are the usual cards and flowers, sometimes it’s nice to add a little something special!

My first child was born on Mother’s Day, so for me it’s always a reminder of the day I realized what unconditional love is. This is truly the greatest of all gifts!

MothersDayMakeoverContest1So if you were to ask a mom what she would really want for Mother’s Day, I am positive many would say simply spending quality time together, creating a memory to cherish!

We want to help you create a memory with your mom, or mother figure, by offering a special Mother’s Day package!

You can simply win by posting a message on our Facebook page (by replying to this post) telling us what your mother means to you, or perhaps a funny story, a favourite memory, or even why you want to win this makeover.

We will choose 3 mothers and daughters as winners!

Prize for each mother/daughter will include:  A Pure Anada Makeover by professional makeup artist Kristen von Riesen & Mini Manicures on Friday, May 9th at Generation Green. While you are having your makeup and nails done, you will also be enjoying some nibblies & refreshments! Each mother & daughter will also receive a gift basket filled with all kinds of “green” delights and gift certificates (detail listing of baskets to follow).

We will announce the winners on Friday, May 2nd.