Gluten Sensitivities Discussed

Image courtesy of Vlado at
Image courtesy of Vlado at

Gluten sensitivities have dramatically increased among people in the last decade. It is a commonly disputed question as to how, and why, this is so. The original belief was the rise of genetically modified food. It has been said that the GMO’s can deteriorate the stomach, then cause the stomach to reject gluten. The problem is, if this were so, people would likely become sensitive to many more things than just gluten!

It gets tricky when it comes to statistics though. Some people are born with an allergy to gluten (celiac), which is much more serious than a sensitivity. This often causes allergic reactions and damages the small intestine. Then there are many people who eat gluten-free as part of a diet, or just diagnose themselves with a sensitivity. When it comes to white breads, these foods are full of simple carbohydrates, which react like sugar in your body. So when people cut gluten out of their diets, they often full better/more energized, therefore they diagnose themselves gluten sensitive. When really, it’s more likely that they are feeling better because of the lack of sugar and often consequently, desserts and other such gluten-rich foods. Lastly, there are people who have received testing with results (placebo controlled) stating that their body is sensitive to gluten.

So it’s a tough call as to why this sensitivity has risen, and if it really has, or if it is a widespread trend.

The conclusion I seemed to have stumbled upon in my extensive, unscientific research is that modern wheat production and consumption is changing and massively different from what it was years ago. Not only has our grain consumption spiked, but also the production process has changed. We use modern grains and fast production. Historically, ancient, more whole, grains were popular with a long fermentation process. It seems likely that the consumption of this essentially new grain is foreign to our bodies and can often take a toll on our stomachs, causing the rejection.

So although it may be trendy, there seems to be some evidence behind the sensitivity rise. And either way, people are increasingly not eating gluten and so comes a rise in gluten-free options! I know almost everywhere I go there is a grain free selection. And at Generation Green, you bet we have options for you!

Some are our staff and customer favorites are:

Gluten Free Foods
Gluten Free Foods at Generation Green

Piccola Cucina’s Almond Macaroons & their Pancake Mix, Tolerant Organic Pastas, Splendor Gardens Organic Spices & Herbs, Canadian Climate Advantage’s Chili Lime Snax, Bessie’s Best Tapenades, Gourmet Inspirations Strawberry Balsamic with Basil Finishing Sauce  & many more! If you know of a great tasting gluten-free alternative that you think would be a great fit for our store, just let us know!

Written by Savannah Costen


Piccola Cucina

pc_logo_headerAnother of our favourite Manitoba food developers, Piccola Cucina just recently dropped off some almond goodness!

Delicious almond macaroon cookies that are all natural, preservative free, as well as free from gluten, grain, dairy, soy, corn & yeast.  Available in 4 flavours; Amaretti, Chocoretti, Pistachioretti & Limonetti!piccola Cucina

We also stock their pie crusts, again made from almonds, and available in 8″ or 4″ tart sizes, as well as sweetened or unsweetened.  Piccola Cucina is now making the unsweetened crusts vegan, having eliminated the egg yolk and instead using flax, which also adds to the nutritional benefits.

Speaking of nutrition, almonds have some amazing benefits that you can read more about here, on Piccola Cucina’s website, and while you are there be sure to check out their recipe page!