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The Fundamentals of Foundation

Me and foundation have had a complicated relationship over the years. The selection available is wonderful… however, it’s overwhelming and can leave you feeling like there is no formulation that matches just right with your skin type/natural skin pigmentations. Truthfully… foundation is my least favorite part about putting on my makeup. I spent too many years trying to hide away the slightest imperfection. By the time I had finished carefully layering on foundation to hide away my rosiness, break outs, and any hint of being an actual human under my eyes, I had no energy left for anything fun! And I love fun! This was well before starting my position here at Generation Green and had yet been introduced to the wonderful world of Pure Anada foundation. Although beginning to use Pure Anada didn’t exclusively allow me to feel comfortable in my own skin, it allowed me to realize that recognizing the faults of conventional/high-end makeup (whether this be in regard to the ingredients or the ideas that the western beauty industry propagates) is okay and that taking the alternative route can be just as fun… and way less toxic.

Anyways… existing as a person who would like to wear makeup is hard. So, before I jump right in to what kind of a foundation selection we have here in the shop I would like to make a few things clear. Foundation, like makeup, is an option! However, foundation acts as a very nice base to build your look from and can be a nice deterrent of unwelcome comments regarding the state of your skin (blah.. let’s all agree to never comment on a person’s skin if it’s not “I love your rosy cheeks, I love your glow, I love your skin”.., contributing to insecurities surrounding acne, rosacea, fine lines, aging, etc. is just not okay!). You are beautiful and so is your skin! We’re here to help find something that will contribute to your existing beauty! I will say it over and over again, you are in control of your own body, choose something (or choose nothing at all, that works too!)  that makes you feel happy, shimmery, glowing, confident, and beautiful!

Now, let’s get into our foundations!

To begin, I’ll briefly take you through skin “typing” and what that looks like here at Generation Green. A lot of foundations, including the ones we carry here are specifically formulated for certain types of skin. These “types” tend to lump your skin’s personality into large vague groups entitled normal, sensitive, oily, acne prone, etc. Although I do occasionally find these categories useful in giving you a place to start, they more often than not lead to confusing and misleading purchases. Now, after saying all of that… I do suggest that you find some time to consider the way your skin has reacted to liquid foundation, bb/cc creams, and mineral based foundations (even if they were not “green” products). This will point you towards finding the foundation that will work best with your skin, and one that you’re most comfortable applying/wearing! You know your skin best!

Pure Anada

We’ve been with Pure Anada from the very beginning… it really holds up. Now I don’t want to pick favorites… but I’ve been using their pressed mineral powder foundation for over 2 years now and my skin has never been happier. Since we’re not all me, I’ll briefly describe each foundation Pure Anada offers and list any benefits/drawbacks I’ve had trying out each!

Loose Mineral Foundation

In terms of pigment, this foundation ranges between medium-full coverage (depending how much you build up the product). Because this is a mineral foundation, less really is more. Mineral foundation is much lighter and more pigmented than conventional loose foundations. This means you’ll spend less time applying, and get way more out of one pot (depending on usage, these foundations should last up to 6 months!!!)

In terms of application, I found it very helpful to prep my skin with a toner or smoothing serum…otherwise, the little particles sit right in fine lines/ emphasize dry patches of skin, breakouts, etc. Beginning with a primer will also extend the wear of your product.

This foundation might be best for you if you’re looking for a light foundation that won’t weigh your skin down throughout the day. Mineral based foundations are also best for reducing redness caused by rosacea and absorbing excessive oils, and are sensitive skin friendly. Due to the bacteria resistant property of mineral makeups, Pure Anada’s loose mineral foundation is also suitable for acne-prone skin types!!! YIPEEEE for keeping those pores unclogged!


Pressed Foundation

This is the stuff I use daily. This is also a mineral based foundation (see above for the benefits of mineral foundations). I usually tell customers that choosing between the loose and pressed is based on preference. I find that I waste so much product when applying a loose foundation, whereas using a pressed means that the foundation will (mostly) stay on your brush. Out of all the foundations Pure Anada offers, I find this to be the most versatile. Meaning that you can very easily use this for very light coverage (I also use it a lot for a finishing powder), or very full coverage. It’s easy to build up and it never looks like it’s caked on when you do!

In terms of application,

I find that using a flat headed brush is best! Using a flat brush makes it easy to achieve your personalized preference for coverage. Pure Anada has an excellent foundation brush that is super user friendly, high-quality, vegan, and made with bamboo! This foundation is also excellent for those who are lazy with their makeup prep. I have definitely used this foundation without putting a drop of toner/primer on and have been more than pleased with the results. HECK YA to being lazy!





Tinted Moisturizer

This is a great option for those who are more comfortable with the application of a daily light face moisturizer but are also looking for a light coverage. Similar to the average bb or cc cream, this product contains a natural SPF and is by far the most user friendly.

Liquid Foundation

This is what Pure Anada offers for a full coverage foundation! And when they say full, they mean it! Out of all the foundations we carry in the shop, these foundations offer the most coverage. The formulation contains a natural SPF, so no need to worry about applying a moisturizer with sun protection underneath. Although this product offers an impressive amount of coverage, it does leave my skin feeling slightly oily and looking a little shiny. This can easily be avoided by using a makeup primer pre-application and finishing your look off with a matte powder.


Elate Cosmetics

We’ve just recently starting carrying this made in Manitoba brand, and we’re seriously in love! Aside from the two foundations which I’ll be talking about below, we stock their lipsticks (which are so amazing I already have 4 colors, oops), lip gloss, matte finishing powder, glow powder, mineral bronzer, cream concealer, and crème blush! Apart from the beautiful bamboo/recyclable packaging, Elate Cosmetics works to actively disrupt the shame mongering language commonly used by the western beauty industry. Check out the “about us” section here. It gives me warm happy cozy butterflies every time I read it.

Now for the foundations!

Fresh Tint Foundation

This product is similar to the tinted moisturizer offered by Pure Anada, but it offers a slightly heavier coverage. This is a great option for those still wanting the ultra easy one step application of a tinted moisturizer but also wanting something with a little heavier coverage. This product has an impressively light feel to it, makes your skin feel as smooth as your babe’s butt, and smells SO GOOD!!!

Full Tint Foundation

This product feels very similar to the fresh tint foundation (super smoothing, smells amazing) but offers a full coverage. It comes in a cute little pod too which makes application with your fingers easy peasy. Considering the coverage of this foundation, it wears super lightly. Cream foundations are an excellent choice for those with oily skin types as they typically offer more of a matte, oil absorbing finish. I’m usually not a fan of anything other than mineral based foundations, but ohhhh this product has got me feeling confused. If you have a craving for a user friendly full coverage foundation that also doesn’t feel like you have six layers of  goop on your face and won’t increase oiliness or leave you shiny towards the end of your day… I would absolutely recommend this product.

As always, we’re very happy to help you here in the shop. We will do our best to find your perfect match and talk you through the differences between each foundation! The lighting in our current location makes it tough to see how the foundations are working with your skin. So ask us for a sample! Although all of the foundations we carry are formulated with natural ingredients, irritations can still occur. Take a sample home, see how you feel about the shade and spend some time to see how the products reacts with your skin!

Written by

Dallas Gillingham

Beautiful You, Naturally.

I love makeup! It’s my favorite part about getting ready and it’s my favorite section at Generation Green! Maybe you’ve seen me at the shop sporting colorful glittery eyes with an extra shiny lip or a pure glitter highlight (I like to have a lot of fun with my looks), either way, I always get so excited to help with any makeup-related questions. I’ll talk more about what exactly we can help you with later on.

I consider my own makeup practice as a habitual process of celebrating creativity and exercising self-care and self-love. It’s what makes me happy, and I want to have as much fun with makeup as I possibly can! I wish everything about makeup was fun-related… but unfortunately there are so many unspoken rules and standards that dictate how to “properly” wear makeup. Wearing ‘too much’ is a no, wearing none at all welcomes the wonderfully uplifting comments like “You look so tired today!”, and being 30+ should rule out wearing fun colors on your eyes/lips, obviously… I’m sick of it! Makeup should not be policed by unrealistic standards of beauty and age restrictions! I strongly believe that you should wear whatever you’re most comfortable in and select makeup that makes you feel happy!

I have found it incredibly helpful to take time to understand what makeup means to me. I have become grounded in my own self and secure with my decisions when it comes to makeup (this is why it’s so easy for me to rock a wild glittery look for a 9 am shift). Take a minute out of your morning routine to consider what wearing makeup means to you. Remember, the reasons you come up with are valid. It truly does not matter whether you are doing it for yourself, for someone else, to better deal with peoples’ ignorant comments about the state of your skin (people suck sometimes…), whatever! Understand why you choose to wear makeup and ground yourself in your ability to actively participate in your own body’s autonomy.

Now, when it comes to natural makeup… I have truly tried it all. Considering this, I can confidently say that the makeup line from Pure Anada is actually SO AMAZING. I’m going to take you through some of my favorite products. Maybe some will become your own favorites, maybe they won’t, but these are the products that fuel my love for naturally made, beautiful makeup.

Their mascara is #1 in my heart. It stays on all day, does not smudge, pumps up your lashes, and even holds up pretty well to tears/other liquids (it’s not totally waterproof, but it is definitely water resistant).

I swear by the pressed mineral foundation. It can give you very heavy coverage (if you apply heavily/apply in layers) but I have also used it for a finishing powder/ light foundation. It never looks powdery AND the colors blend beautifully with natural skin tones. A++++

Last, but by no means least is their lip gloss. My absolute favorite color to wear is Sheer Opal, it’s a transparent gloss with a hint of baby pink that wears with a wet, dewy look. It’s incredibly moisturizing and it smells very yummy. I have also used this to apply loose glitter to my eyes/cheeks… it’s the right amount of sticky that works better than any glitter adhesive I have used before. WONDERFUL!!!

Finally, let me briefly explain what we can help you with here at Generation Green. We are by no means makeup artists.. but we have been told that we are quite the superstars when it comes to color matching. Finding the perfect shade of foundation can be overwhelming, but we are always happy to try however many colors it takes to find something that will work best for you! If you have questions regarding the ingredients/production/how something so pretty and pink can be naturally made, we can also help you out there! Pure Anada’s website is an excellent resource if you’re ever searching for more information! If you’re ever in the store when I’m working… ask me about what colors compliment each other or how to do a fun shimmery eye, I LOVE talking about makeup… if you haven’t already noticed.

-Article written by Dallas Gillingham

Makeup Masterpiece Workshop with Pure Anada

Generation Green is excited to be hosting “Create a Makeup Masterpiece” in the Forks Atrium on Thursday, April 27th from 7pm-9pm.

Made in Morden, Pure Anada believes in tapping into the beauty of nature to create a full a full range of skincare and makeup. Their mission is to offer an alternative to traditional cosmetics that not only benefit your skin, but are free from toxins.

Join Candace (Founder & Formulator) and Kristen (Professional Makeup Artist) for an informative and fun evening as they show you how to incorporate this season’s most beautiful colours into your spring makeup palette.

Come with a clean canvas (your face), and be prepared to learn professional tips and techniques to bring out your natural beauty.

$25 Ticket price will be credited back towards makeup purchased that evening. Visa/MC will be accepted for purchases. There is a debit machine on site if needed.

Come early and get yourself a glass of wine at The Common to bring into the workshop with you!

*Please note, we won’t be able to personally assist each individual at this workshop with specialized advice for their face shape or skin type. Rather, we hope it will be an enjoyable evening of beauty inspiration and relaxation!

Register & purchase tickets by clicking on this link. You can also register in-store at Generation Green. Limited space!!!

Love Bucket Last Chance!

loveWe hope you have been enjoying following along with our “Love Bucket” posts, getting excited about the possibility of winning, and learning about all the amazing local self-care services and products Winnipeg offers.  We also really hope that you spent the month practicing taking care of YOU, loving YOU, and reminding yourself that if your personal “Love Bucket” doesn’t get filled, you won’t have much to give, love completely, or live fully.

We are so thrilled to have been able to host this contest and can’t wait to pick a winner tomorrow!

We have one more entry opportunity for you to win this super-duper, “Love Bucket” that now has a value of way over $600.00!!! How amazing is that!!!

Anyone that signs up to  follow our blog receives an automatic entry, PLUS you are then entered for a $20 gift certificate EVERY month to redeem at Generation Green! PLUS, you’ll know right away about any future events and contests. So what are you waiting for, it’s a WIN, WIN! Sign up now at www.generationgreenwpg.com and stay in the loop!


Here’s a recap of what is in the “Love Bucket” and a very special thank you to them all!!! Click on any of them to learn more about the services/products.

*Aromanse  $60 Gift Certificate for 1 hour hot stone back, shoulder & neck massage as well as regular reflexology

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*$75 Gift Certificate for Generation Green

*Paradise of Reality Massage Therapy two gift certificates for one hour massage therapy sessions. $150 value

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*Reiki Session with Reiki Master Brie Henderson

*2 x 90 minute float sessions at FLOAT.Calm valued at $138

*2 hours of personal assistant services from Sherilyn Wood $50 value

*Two postcards from local mixed media artist Serena Wilson-Stubson

*Handcrafted Gemstone Necklace from Alora Jewelry

WOW!!!  Now who’s going to be the lucky winner???


Love Bucket – Pure Anada Cosmetics

Pure Anada logo

Pure Anada has donated a $50 value product package to our “Love Bucket”.  Remember to like/share this post and use #lovebucketwpg to be entered to win!

There are many reasons women choose to wear makeup.  It can be a fun ritual, offering a creative outlet for women to express themselves.  For myself, as a mom of 5, it helps me feel “put together”.  When I look better, I feel better.  Applying makeup is one of the ways I choose to love myself.

LB Pure AnadaSometimes wearing makeup can seem superficial.  It’s not a necessity, it’s more of an accessory.  However, during our interactions with ladies, we have learned that cosmetics are important for self care, for more reasons than just beautifying one’s outward appearance.

Here’s a comment from on of our employees –

“I was physically, emotionally and mentally abused in my first marriage.  Applying makeup met a much deeper emotional need for me.  It boosted my confidence and my self-esteem and helped me to feel better about myself.  I didn’t use it to impress others, but rather to help me to face the world.  It was like a figurative blanket soothing my deep wounds.  The eyeliner and mascara helped to camouflage my puffy eyes that came from crying.  Thankfully, I am now in an excellent marriage!”

Pure Anada Cosmetics are created in Morden, MB. Their natural line of organic, vegan, mineral makeup and skincare products are a favourite of ours here at Generation Green!