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Meet Ana!

The next time you visit us, be sure to say hello to one of our new staff additions, Ana!

Ana Dueck

Ana was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She enjoys travelling and the outdoors and spends her summers at the lake in Pinawa, Manitoba. She is an avid runner and outdoor enthusiast, with a love for hiking and camping in the beautiful Manitoba Provincial Parks. Ana has travelled around the world but is proud to call Winnipeg home.

Ana loves spending time with her dogs, Abby, a laid back Lhasa Apso and Stanley, an energetic Labrador retriever puppy.

She is a supporter of the local Winnipeg arts and music scene and can often be found at local shows and events checking out some of the great talent that Winnipeg has to offer. Ana loves to spend her time adventuring and trying new things. She also enjoys cooking as well as visiting lots of the great restaurants in Winnipeg.

Ana is finishing up her Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of Manitoba and has a passion for physical activity, health and wellness.

She appreciates everything our Earth has to offer us and as a lover of nature, Ana has been environmentally conscious from a young age. Since launching a school division wide Idle-Free campaign at the age of 12, she has continued to make an effort to reduce her carbon footprint and pursue a more natural and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Ana is excited to be able to share her passion with others as a part of the Generation Green Team!



Some of you may have noticed that our lovely staff member Jennifer is expecting!

We are all very excited for the arrival of this little bundle, who is expected to make a grand entrance in mid October.

We will miss Jennifer terribly as she has been such an important part of Generation Green since day one, but are also anxious for baby visits that are sure to include lot’s of cuddles & kisses, and of course for Jenn and Andre to enjoy this wonderful time in their lives.

Although Jenn’s family is about to grow, we also know that Jenn is a part of our little family here, and that will never change!


Meet Dallas!

We want to introduce you to Dallas, the newest addition to our team! Dallas brings not only a lovely smile, but an easy going nature that compliments and rounds out our team.  Here’s a little more info about Dallas.


Dallas was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Living in a thriving arts community Dallas was able to become involved in theatre, piano and other musical activities.

For as long as she can remember, photography was always a passion of hers. “I love being able to express my opinions and emotions through a still image.” Music is also a large part of her life, she enjoys listening to and playing jazz, alternative and classical music.

At the age of 12, Dallas became aware of the concerns resulting from non fair trade products. By the age of 16 she began to promote and speak up for supporting fair trade. Soon after, Dallas became aware of the frightening reality regarding the general well-being of animals. Though previously vegetarian, Dallas recently began to follow a vegan diet in hopes of supporting the ethical treatment of all animals.

Dallas is planning to study human rights at the University of Manitoba, to further her knowledge on the topic in hopes of making a difference. Along with this, she hopes to spread awareness of environmental, animal and human rights issues through photography.

Dallas strongly believes in using organic, fair trade and natural products and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of Generation Green, a store that also supports these ideas.

Meet Savannah!

Allow us to introduce one of our new team members at Generation Green…Savannah!  You may have seen Savannah around the store, as she has been training since the middle of March.  We feel fortunate to her, so make sure you say hello the next time your by. Here’s the goods on her!

SavannahSavannah Costen has been born and raised in Winnipeg. Despite various travelling adventures she has known nowhere else as home. She loves spending time listening and learning from the world and those around her.

At the age of 13 she decided to go vegetarian quite naively, and from there developed her deep passion for animal welfare, and since has become vegan. This is where her care for the environment stemmed from. Learning about veganism and animal welfare often coincides with environmental issues-and there discovered the crisis our planet is in.

Savannah always looks forward to spending her summers at all the local fests-from jazz, to folk, to fringe. She never truly appreciated Winnipeg’s small-town feel until she started shopping at Generation Green and learnt about great local products!

Currently enrolled at the University of Manitoba, looking to focus on a combination of environmental studies and philosophy. Savannah dreams of being able to spend her life spreading the message of our need to take care of the planet, and all those who share it with us. It is necessary for overall wellness, as the world is a working system. No one can succeed without a cost to the whole.  Working at Generation green is a great way to do this as sharing knowledge with customers can help everyone make their impact on the planet a positive one!

Savannah spends her time exploring new local stores and shows, and planning trips around the world. She is excited to be part of such an amazing store and team and looks forward to furthering her knowledge in local products!