Stress Effects & Solutions

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who deals well with stress.  I try to be aware of what triggers my stress levels, take time to practice self-care, and live in the moment. I try not worry about what tomorrow might bring.  Regardless of this awareness, it’s unrealistic to believe that I will never experience stress. It’s a natural reaction to life experiences.

I believe it’s important to reduce the stress triggers where you can, especially the repeating ones (the ones you can DO something about!) Understanding what stress does to your body helps you be able to manage the recovery of it better.

Recently I have been experiencing some stressful moments in my life, as we plan for our store relocation. I am very aware of how it is affecting my body.  Stress induced eczema, sleeping trouble, muscle tension, and headaches are a few of my bodily reactions.

When we are having a stressful experience, our brain tells our body to release hormones that trigger your body’s “fight or flight” response.  This release is supposed to assist us in processing the stress and help us react to it.  Unfortunately, when those hormones keep firing out, it can start to really have an affect on our health.  Above are some of the responses my body has had to my stress, but there can be even more serious conditions like weakened immune system, high blood pressure, digestive trouble and it could even affect the reproductive system.

So let’s talk about some simple ways to manage stress as it’s happening, so we don’t tax our bodies to the point of a serious health issue.

One of the simplest ways start calming our nervous system is by taking nice, deep cleansing breaths –  really deep (down to your belly) slow breaths!  Practice doing this throughout the day (it takes seconds and feels so good!) Close your eyes as you do, and if it helps-add in a mental image of a beautiful beach, trees blowing, or whatever helps you experience calmness.  I find listening to ocean sounds so soothing and can immediately feel those “good”/happy hormones being released.  For others, exercise really gets the serotonin flowing. Try dancing away that stress, move your body and shake it out! What about a good belly laugh? I think we can all recall a laughing fit and how amazing that felt! It makes me smile just thinking about it! All of these release endorphins (a natural pain-killer and stress eraser).

A couple other things that I have been using to get me through my stressful period are Bach Remedies, Four Sigmatic Reishi, and my very favourite-OM Shantea from Hollow Reed Holistic.

The Bach Rescue Remedies are available in spray, drops that you add to water, or candy-like pastilles. It is a mixture of 5 different Bach flower remedies created by Dr. Bach to deal with emergencies and crises. They help us get through any stressful situation. From last-minute exam or interview nerves, to the aftermath of an accident or bad news. The response this remedy creates is an emotional one, not a physical one. You just all of a sudden realize you’re not feeling that stress.

Reishi mushroom is probably the most researched of medicinal mushrooms, and is considered a longevity herb. Reishi is an adaptogen (assists the body in adapting to stressful conditions).  It basically tells your body to relax and calm down.  It is beneficial for our cardiovascular system and keeping our immunity strong.  I love that Four Sigmatic has created some amazing mushroom elixirs, including reishi, that you simply add hot water to and enjoy the benefits they offer.

Om Shantea tea is made locally in Winnipeg by Hollow Reed Holistic. It has been my personal favourite since master herbalist, Chad Cornell, first served me a cup!  A combination of skullcap, gotu kola, holy basil, and oatstraw create a blend that leaves your body and mind with an overall feeling of calm.

Life can be busy, stressful, and challenging at times so the need for self-care, self-love with a splash of fun and laughter are most important!  Find what works for you and do lots of that!


All Natural Stress Relief

Everyone at some point has dealt with stress and feeling anxious.  Deadlines, exams, parenting, relationships, health, can all cause stress at some point or another.  How we deal with the stresses life throws at it can greatly affect the outcome.

For some getting rid of the stress can be done by exercising, meditating, getting a massage, or even having a quiet moment alone.  For others though, stress can linger, start to cause anxiety, maybe even panic situations.  This is when it can really effect your health and your life.

Unfortunately we are bombarded with messages that there is a pill that can fix that, and since many are wanting a quick fix, or just plain want to feel better, they resort to the prescription remedy.  Usually these medications can be addicting and come with a list of unpleasant side effects, not to mention possible longterm health issues. I personally believe in exhausting all my natural resources first before I would consider a prescription.

I was excited to find a natural remedy that actually worked for stress relief, and have been amazed at just how many others have reported the same!bach-rescue-remedy-10ml

Dr. Bach formulated RESCUE Remedy nearly a hundred years ago and it is more relevant than ever! Dr Bach’s natural stress relief pastilles are convenient when dealing with stress and worrisome situations.  The formula works on an emotional level, not physical, and it’s amazing how all of a sudden you just realize your not feeling stressed anymore! Bach Rescue Remedy contains active ingredients such as Star of Bethlehem, Clematis Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose. These flowers soothe irritability, help with shock/panic and provide a general calmness in times of stress.  Also available in liquid drops that can easily be added to water and sipped throughout the day, as well as formulas for pets!

magnesiumAnother natural remedy is a mineral that affects are neurological system and that most of us are deficient in, magnesium!

When we are feeling stressed, it causes the cells in our bodies to release magnesium which helps us feel more calm.  However, if we are continually dealing with stressful situations, and our bodies are not having time to recover, the level of stress you feel will increase because there just won’t be enough magnesium released.  In addition, our diets can be filled with foods that also tax out our magnesium.  Sugar especially is huge for causing depletion of magnesium, not to mention vital nutrients!

There are some great options for magnesium supplements, like Innotech Nutrition’s Liquid Ionic Magnesium that doesn’t just taste great, but the nano size particles can easily be transported to the cell membrane, directly through the mouth membranes bypassing the digestive system.  Same can be said for Mama Pacha’s new Magnesium lotion, rubbing onto your skin is going to absorb more magnesium directly into your blood stream than having to go through the whole digestive system.

Bottom line is, stress is not something we should allow to linger long, our health is just too important!

How to Have the Perfect Stress Relieving Bath

In honor of our acheter cialis belgique follow link viagra in the uk for sale how can i reply to email on my ipad business plan biobased common app essay tips college confidential buy exelon viagra buy best follow link help with writing a paper follow site how friends can help each other essays metformin beer enter go to site cialis daily insurance coverage source site kindertransport essay 15 august essay in punjabi language does generic viagra work homework help world musical instruments stress-relief focused month, here’s a Generation Green guide to the perfect stress relieving bath!

First off, you gotta prep the bath and set the mood! Pick what the focus of your bath will be.. skin care, muscle relaxant, or even just calming.

Make bathsure you lock the door and will not be disturbed! Have a pot of tea brewing or a glass of wine poured. Pick out your favorite candles and light those while you fill your bath… we recommend “Simple Things” soy votive’s which come in tons of amazing scents, or go with a classic beeswax candle, like Barletta Beeswax, made in Winnipeg! No matter what you choose just be sure its toxic, fragrance, and chemical free though like all our options here at Generation Green!

Continue to set the mood by picking out a relaxing album… our favorites are Enya and The Tenors, but pick whatever your favorite calming tunes are! Now your bath should be getting full so time for one of the crucial parts of the perfect bath… what to add to your water! We have tons of great options here depending on what your focus is!

For moisturizing and skin care we have:

Just the Goods vegan bath melts – Made with essential oils, moisturizing cocoa butter, and water softening baking soda.

Collage Milk Bath Bombs – Rich with ingredients of Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Calendula and Rose petals & Lavender buds.

For muscle relaxant:

Our most popular choice is Made for Skin’s natural arctic mineral salts – seriously therapeutic and smell amazing too!

Garden Goodies Moisture Bomb – A decadent dessert for any skin!  Loaded with Epsom Salt to help tired and sore muscles, and cocoa butter and olive oil to moisturize skin.

And for just a calming meditation:

I like to put some drops of lavender essential oil in my water, or you could use a natural bubble bath by Di Erbe that comes in tons of great scents!

Now hop in the tub and grab your glass of tea or wine and enjoy! We carry quite of few teas some of my favorite being our Herbaria’s thyme or lavender tea, both perfectly relaxing!

Now as you relax gauge what’s the best bath activity for you, maybe it’s reading that book you’ve been meaning to for ages, or maybe it’s sitting back with a Warm Buddy therapeutic eye mask or eye pillow. These are amazing as you can heat them up or chill them and they are filled with lavender and flax, and put the perfect about of pressure over your eyes to relax and help you get to that meditative state.

Now don’t stop there!

Dry off with an amazing soft and sustainable bamboo bath towel and continue with a therapeutic exfoliation using either a Merben dry body brush, or a refreshing body scrub from one of our local manufacturers! Rinse again and then moisturize! We have some wonderful options here like Mama Pacha’s Calendula body butters or  Garden Goodies whipped butters that all smell so amazing!

Finally bundle up in a super cozy bamboo bath robe and enjoy the feeling of being stress free and relaxed!



Stress/Tension Relief: Warm Buddy

eye pillowI suffer easily from headaches and neck tension, and was always on the lookout for natural products that could help ease the discomfort.

When I first experienced the Warm Buddy Aromatherapy Sleep Mask, I immediately felt soothed and comforted by the softness first.  The best part though is that this eye mask offers aromatherapy and acupressure (contains flax seeds, lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and essential oil of rose geranium), plus you can microwave or freeze depending on your personal preference or required need at the time.  Great just for relaxation and sleeping too.  The adjustable strap helps to secure and apply the perfect tension.  Also available is the eye pillow, same benefits but no strap.relax

For neck tension from stress, the Warm Buddy neck wrap will be your new best friend! Also available at Generation Green is the Warming Pillow that is great for aches and pains, and  filled with their signature anti-stress aromatherapy blend.