How to Have the Perfect Stress Relieving Bath

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First off, you gotta prep the bath and set the mood! Pick what the focus of your bath will be.. skin care, muscle relaxant, or even just calming.

Make bathsure you lock the door and will not be disturbed! Have a pot of tea brewing or a glass of wine poured. Pick out your favorite candles and light those while you fill your bath… we recommend “Simple Things” soy votive’s which come in tons of amazing scents, or go with a classic beeswax candle, like Barletta Beeswax, made in Winnipeg! No matter what you choose just be sure its toxic, fragrance, and chemical free though like all our options here at Generation Green!

Continue to set the mood by picking out a relaxing album… our favorites are Enya and The Tenors, but pick whatever your favorite calming tunes are! Now your bath should be getting full so time for one of the crucial parts of the perfect bath… what to add to your water! We have tons of great options here depending on what your focus is!

For moisturizing and skin care we have:

Just the Goods vegan bath melts – Made with essential oils, moisturizing cocoa butter, and water softening baking soda.

Collage Milk Bath Bombs – Rich with ingredients of Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Calendula and Rose petals & Lavender buds.

For muscle relaxant:

Our most popular choice is Made for Skin’s natural arctic mineral salts – seriously therapeutic and smell amazing too!

Garden Goodies Moisture Bomb – A decadent dessert for any skin!  Loaded with Epsom Salt to help tired and sore muscles, and cocoa butter and olive oil to moisturize skin.

And for just a calming meditation:

I like to put some drops of lavender essential oil in my water, or you could use a natural bubble bath by Di Erbe that comes in tons of great scents!

Now hop in the tub and grab your glass of tea or wine and enjoy! We carry quite of few teas some of my favorite being our Herbaria’s thyme or lavender tea, both perfectly relaxing!

Now as you relax gauge what’s the best bath activity for you, maybe it’s reading that book you’ve been meaning to for ages, or maybe it’s sitting back with a Warm Buddy therapeutic eye mask or eye pillow. These are amazing as you can heat them up or chill them and they are filled with lavender and flax, and put the perfect about of pressure over your eyes to relax and help you get to that meditative state.

Now don’t stop there!

Dry off with an amazing soft and sustainable bamboo bath towel and continue with a therapeutic exfoliation using either a Merben dry body brush, or a refreshing body scrub from one of our local manufacturers! Rinse again and then moisturize! We have some wonderful options here like Mama Pacha’s Calendula body butters or  Garden Goodies whipped butters that all smell so amazing!

Finally bundle up in a super cozy bamboo bath robe and enjoy the feeling of being stress free and relaxed!



Stress/Tension Relief: Warm Buddy

eye pillowI suffer easily from headaches and neck tension, and was always on the lookout for natural products that could help ease the discomfort.

When I first experienced the Warm Buddy Aromatherapy Sleep Mask, I immediately felt soothed and comforted by the softness first.  The best part though is that this eye mask offers aromatherapy and acupressure (contains flax seeds, lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and essential oil of rose geranium), plus you can microwave or freeze depending on your personal preference or required need at the time.  Great just for relaxation and sleeping too.  The adjustable strap helps to secure and apply the perfect tension.  Also available is the eye pillow, same benefits but no strap.relax

For neck tension from stress, the Warm Buddy neck wrap will be your new best friend! Also available at Generation Green is the Warming Pillow that is great for aches and pains, and  filled with their signature anti-stress aromatherapy blend.