Episode 2 – Joseph Ranseth: Starting a Movement…Barefoot!

In this episode I have the privilege of sitting down and chatting with speaker, author and transformationist, Joseph Ranseth.

Starting a Movement is Joseph’s forte, after all he wrote a book about it! “Go Ahead Start A Movement” is for folks that want to transform their lives or make change in the world.  Since The Wildflower Project is basically a movement I decided best to speak to the expert!  I also had to find out why this man has chosen to be barefoot…always!

I first saw Joseph on stage at the Pantages Playhouse when he brought TedX to the Exchange.  For anyone that attended, I’m sure you would agree that the energy in that space was contagious.! I think when people come together looking for change that a vibration is raised and ideas start attaching themselves, which is where I may just have grabbed the idea for this project!

I hope you enjoy this insightful interview as much as I did speaking with Joseph and even more I hope you find something in it that resonates and inspires you to go make some movements!